Thank God That I’m a What?!

38db9f862.jpg (156 KB)

Thank god I’m a country Gir

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    Putting the cunt into country…

    And who uses fuzzy steering wheels anymore?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Ya that fuzzy steering wheel makes that pink tractor look fucking stupid.


    Fucking genius, Magnus. Just yes.


    Dumbass should know you’re not supposed to wear sandals on a tractor…dumb cunt probably freaks out when she sees a cow patty too.


    Shit, if I was a farmer, and my gir drove the tractor, I’d be mindin the still, hangin with my bubbas and cappin some deer. You guys don’t see the advantages of a hottie that actually does work and is useful. Plus she aint that bad to look at.


    It’s not pink, it’s slightly less red.


    I think you mean lightish red.

    tiki god

    I think you mean lightish pink.

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