Racist Chocolate Bar?

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JAPP chocolate bar, apparently from Norway. On display at the Science Museum in London of all places.

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    Right next to….the sour atomic warheads!


    Just how, exactly, is this racist?? Are u refering to japanese ppl?


    Japp? I bet that candy bar is REALLY small, and probrobly tastes like raw fish.


    i’ve been to Norway and eaten one of these. they taste pretty good


    I live in Norway, and that chocholate bar tastes like shite on a stick. Not that I would know how that tastes but I imagine it’s pretty bad. Who knows(Not to be answered!).


    It’s actually kinda like the “Norwegian version” of the Mars bar.


    I am not Norwegian and I’ve never been there, but I’ve noticed, over the years, that all 4 million Norwegians are online and speak English. I welcome my brothers in Norway and to this I say to them: Fucking Danes.


    If I eat one, Will I be hungry again in an hour? I wonder…


    Noooo, don’t actually put anything intelligent here like, the meaning of the name…ugh

    English translation:Yuppie
    It’s a bit like a Mars bar – and quite good. The name has no other meaning. In daily speech, japp is the Norwegianised yap or yuppie – young, aspiring professional. The trade name has existed for generations before yuppies came along, and there has been no specific association between the two.


    Uhm… this is also available in Sweden where “Japp” means “yup” as in “yes”. They also used to have some pretty funny commercials which you can find on that youtube thingy.

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