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The Matrix: Rebooted

When the Senate just voted whether to grant telephone companies immunity from prosecution from the illegal wiretapping they did, Obama voted against immunity, McCain voted in favor of it, and Clinton didn’t bother to vote at all.
So compared to the other 67 senators who are willing to sell-out your constitutional rights, Obama is looking pretty ok. I voted for him at caucus on Saturday.


Go go Obama power!

Alec Dalek

Obama vs Ron Paul, Fight!!!


I think it is great he takes the time to do his job..and whoop ass running for president.
this is gonna be sweet!


On points 1 and 3 I agree with Obama in full. On point two, I’m afraid I’m going to have to trust the legislation itself over some blog. So here’s all the Illinois legislation in 1999 regarding sex offenders, with full text: www.ilga.gov/legislation/legisnet91/sbgroups/sb/910SB0943LV.html As part of a series of amendments, protects the anonymity of victims of sexual offence. www.ilga.gov/legislation/publicacts/fulltext.asp?Name=093-0977 An act concerning registering sexual offenders. Seriously, I looked and looked. I’m not a lawyer specializing in Illinois criminal law so maybe I missed something, but there doesn’t appear to have been any Illinois law in 1999 regarding the sentencing of… Read more »


1) I don’t really care about porn. Guess what? Adults have sex. I used to live in a country where you’d see full-frontal nudity all the time on TV and noone giggled and got uncomfortable. 2) I don’t support big government. Abortion is a controversial issue, and in controversial issues the government should not interfere. I personally find all abortion repulsive, but at the current time, it’s just not the place of the State to do anything about it. 3) Read closer. Victims get anonymity, so that kids that have already been buttfucked aren’t made into a media circus and… Read more »

T G Geko

you think we should have sex ed for kindergarteners? Excuse me, my pedo-meter is going off.

Furthermore, find the word “privacy” in the constitution. Spoilers: you don’t. you just have the right to keep people out of your house (the telephone lines are outside).

Thxz diabetes for that useful info. fo shizzle.

The Matrix: Rebooted

“you think we should have sex ed for kindergarteners?”
Sure, you need to teach kids about sex BEFORE they are going to have it. High school is too late when kids are getting knocked-up at 14.
“find the word “privacy” in the constitution”
9th amendment. Just because its not in the constitution doesn’t mean its not a right.
There is ZERO information content in iddqd/diabeetus’s comment. All of the links go to some link farm ad page.


Woah, woah, Cephalus. Let’s analyze some of the logical leaps you just took:

1) All I said is that porn shouldn’t be filtered in public institutions. Teaching children about regular, adult, consensual sex, IMO, reduces the mystery, prevents crazy misconceptions, and normalizes a regular fact of


… life. The children in Portugal were very polite and well mannered. They called me ‘Senhor’ or ‘Doutor’ or ‘Professor Doutor’ and waddya know, lower teen pregnancy rates than the US. Last time I was in Montana, the local kids were smoking up and throwing shovels at a pile of snow over and over again. 2) Yeah, your house. Public institutions should be the opposite of censored. I believe it’s called ‘freedom of information’. Believe it or not, the world isn’t geared toward your own personal comfort. Education involves learning about the bad as well as the good. Forcing ignorance… Read more »


/believes Caio has his head screwed on right. Makes a change, as 99% of everyone else are dumbasses.

“Forcing ignorance upon yourself in the name of some pussy sense of decency is intellectual and ethical cowardice.”
This is a fantastic sentence. Kudos =D



I’m votin’ Caio fo Prezident!


I’m writing you in.


Yeah. Great choice for a quote. Churchill. The same Churchill who said: “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.”

The Matrix: Rebooted

Added bonus: Churchill never said that. It’s been attributed to everyone from Winston Churchill, Benjamin Disraeli, Kierkegaard to Dick Van Patten.
And, in fact, Churchill did the opposite: he started out as Conservative when he was young and became a Liberal when he was older. Which in the UK are labels that do not correspond to their colloquial use in the States.


You’re right. Thx for telling me.


Churchhill quotes: “I do not understand the squeamishness about the use of gas. I am strongly in favour of using poisonous gas against uncivilised tribes” – On Iraq after world war one. The British mandate there did a world of good, or course. . And let’s not forget that Churchill was instrumental in planning Gallipoli. . “I do not admit…that a great wrong has been done to the Red Indians of America, or the black people of Australia…by the fact that a stronger race, a higher grade race…has come in and taken its place” – Churchill to Palestine Royal Commission,… Read more »