FRAG-12 Shotgun Warhead

Frag-12.jpg (15 KB)

FRAG-12 rounds are made up of a standard
3 inch 12-gauge cartridge case and propellant, firing a fin-stabilized
19mm warhead with a MIL-SPEC 1316 compliant
fuze assembly. The projectile is designed to arm 3 meters
from the muzzle and fires upon impact with a surface. The
HE projectile has sufficient explosive power to make one
inch holes in ¼ inch cold rolled steel plate.

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    So, ah, where could I get some of these puppies?
    I ask because a friend of mine….


    elmer fudd will be pleased!


    This isn’t grim nor dark enough, but I like where it’s going.

    T G Geko

    Like a wise man once asked “Does it make people any more deader?”


    Perhaps not, Geko, but it sure makes going out a whole lot cooler looking.


    @T G Geko
    Compared to a regular 12 gauge shotgun shell? Do we really have to answer that? 😛


    Fins = stabilization, similar to the riflings in a rifle barrel. So, the ‘ol ball outta the musket was improved upon, now the standard shotgun round is improved upon. Muchly better. Where can i get one?

    A Gypsy Witch

    Oh sweet jeezus… I want one that’ll plug my butt.

    The Lawnmower

    They come in High Explosive, High Explosive Armour Piercing (for armoured vehicles) and High Explosive Fragmenting Anti-Personnel.

    I dare say they’re all a tad more lethal than your average shotgun shell.


    Make high charge explosive devices that I can shoot out of my 9mm, then we’ll talk.


    One step closer to a Space Marine Bolter.


    This makes my ding-dong feel funny.


    This looks like a device used in a pornography.

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