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You may be cool….but you’ll never be 4 popped-collars cool

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    I’m at least glad they’re all shades of green, not queerpink or some such. Good show, overall.


    I bet his pits sweat like a demon. And, I might just be saying this to make myself feel better, but, her smile looks forced (like his last sexual encounter).


    It was probably bro-rape.


    I knew a kid like this in high school. Yeah, wound up being a total gaywad. Always dressing up for hot chicks only to be turned on by hot dicks.


    Popped collars are the reason for bro-rape. Anyone want some Natty Ice?

    Rage 0

    With all that forehead you think his eyes would space out a bit.


    I just wanted to play some gamecube! You know, it’s shaped like a cube, you play games with it…


    Eric Cantona could do it.

    Gary Generic

    Looks like cabbage.


    It appears to be winter as per the snow, so dressing in layers would be a great idea. However this asshopper chose to try and look cool instead of, I don’t know, wearing a coat. Epic Fail-Popped Collar Douche…and what is with that enormously gay forehead, definitely a serial rapist.


    That looks like sunlight, and concrete, not snow, and the shirt is short sleeve. The girl is wearing a tank top. As hard as he’s trying to look cool, I doubt she’d wear a tanktop in the snow.


    it looks like snow to me and on a day like that i have been known to wear shorts and t-shirt, depends on where your from and what kind of climate you are used to. Plus i have been out snowmobling where it was in the 50’s high in the mountains and it was in the negatives down in the valleys and from the looks of this they are at some resort and more thn likely in the mountains


    When it’s cold out up here, I wear multiple shirts under a thick hoodie sometimes but *never* do I wear sleeveless or roll up my sleeves. Fuckssakes.


    lol i norm just wear a jacket over a single t-shirt no matter how cold it is, but then again its all about what your used to and what you can handle, granted i wouldnt wear that many t-shirts for warmth i just think that dude is a fucktard wouldnt mind nomming on that chick though


    Look at the railing on the deck, clearly snow. Furthermore, I believe the sun does shine from time to time in the winter.


    Phantasm, that is definitely snow, and even more definitely wood. Maybe you need to read this book:


    “But MoooOOOoooMMM!! If i DON’T Wear 4 polo’s i’ll look like a jackass!!”


    A single turned up collar is an embarrasment, this is just the height of douchbaggery. Right now I am fantazing about the guy posting on here, telling everyone off and trying to defend such outlandish fashion excess.

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