Young Hillary

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    She looks evil, even from way back when.


    this was back when she swallowed…

    The Dude

    She is evil, what I am about to type might sound crazy but do some research and find the truth!

    Hilary has been chosen by the Bliderberg Group to become the next puppet president of the US. Of coarse realisticly they have probably influenced every canidate.

    bilderberg group? they secretly run your world!


    most of them are chosen by these shadow groups. they’re all on the same team.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    From the wiki linked by mosher:
    “Radio host Alex Jones promotes the theory that the group intends to dissolve the sovereignty of the United States and other countries into a supra-national structure similar to the European Union”
    Considering the EU is kicking our ass in just about every measurable way, I for one welcome our new Bliderberg Group overlords.


    Just because you can vote for your favorite clown doesn’t mean it changes who owns the circus.


    They’re also the ones who faked the moon landing, and tried to defraud the alien autopsy on Fox. Oh, and they stole my hamster, Mr. Weatherbean.
    Nooooooooo! Mr. Weatherbean! I *sob* love-ed youuuu!


    Fucking Knights Templar have outlived their usefulness. I can *fly* to fucking Israel now, you cunts.




    I am impressed. I would totally do that. I would. What’s more, Damn the {wo}Man!