Beer Bottle Ash Tray


I remember always needing something like this back in my smoking days.

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    And from having this “device” there is only a small step to actually having a real ash tray.

    I bet you found this from some “trendy designer blog.” They’re all full of stupid shit like this.


    Seems like a good idea to me if you drink and smoke. You never have to clean the ash tray because you just dump the bottle.


    Well that is a sound attitude. Just throw it in the dumpster, never considering that glass is a recyclable material.

    This is going to be yet another flame war between “a tree hugger” and “a stupid fucking idiot.” So never mind…


    You know if you didn’t smoke, you’d never have to deal with this problem


    Its really quite clever. A single bottle would last for MONTHS! That’s pretty green, even if smoking isn’t.


    Speaking of ashes, why hasn’t any group condemned the dumping of (cremated remains) ashes in bodies of water? Doesn’t that have to be adding up? I mean, that can’t be good for anything?


    Things to use as an ashtray:
    1) Bottle or can sans fancy thing.
    2) A bit of cardboard.
    3) An old plastic lid (be quick putting the smoke out though.
    4) A saucer, or anything porcelan – Years of experience have taught me that it doesn’t leave a mark.
    5) The sink.
    6) A 50 cent ashtray from the dollar store.
    7) Your hand if you have callused man-hands, pussy.


    Don’t forget your tongue.


    And after you put your smoke out in the bottle, you can leave it on the edge of the table and hope your friend mistakes it for his drink and takes a swig!! Hours of fun!


    FFS people. This thing is more stupid than buying a 5 dollar bookmark. Spend cash on this thing instead of buying an ashtray. What do you get? Not even an ashtray!

    And even the “plain old bottle” solution works just fine. I do happen to know from frst hand experience that nobody ever leaves their cigarette like that.

    This is pure stupidity. Some frappuchino drinking hipster got a “brilliant” idea and left all reasoning and self-criticism at the counter. Stupidity makes me angry (yeah, it is stupid).


    Wow, this ashtray invention sure makes you angry! I’d love to buy a crate of these to send to your house.


    yeah total scam, any real smoker knows, you never put down your ciggy till its out.

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