Colani’s Ferrari Testa d’Oro

Colani_04(02).jpg (858 KB)

1989. Colani Ferrari Testa d’Oro. Holder of the world record in its class at 351 km/h. n 1991, with Mike Strasburg at the wheel, the car hit a world record for vehicles with catalytic converters when tested on Salt Lake, Utah.

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    That huge lower lip is stupid. I don’t know if it’s supposed to generate downforce, create smooth-flowing air under the car, or what, but there has to be a more aesthetically pleasing way to accomplish that, it looks like crap. And the front air dam looks like a big dumb open mouth. I wouldn’t buy it (even if I could afford to). I do like the rear, side panels, and roof, just the front end and headlights need work.

    Luke Magnifico

    Is its class “Cars that look retarded”? Or “Cars made by people who make stupid looking vehicles”? Or maybe “Cars designed by people who make really impractical things”?


    Yeah from the looks of it, the lip looks kinda like an inverted airfoil. Probably there to provide down force, but I agree, it looks stupid.


    Surely the Veyron has a catalytic converter…