Colani’s Ferrari Lotec Testa d’Oro, Rear View

Colani_05(02).jpg (881 KB)

1989. Rear view of the Colani Ferrari Lotec Testa d’Oro.

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    Ferrarris suck! Lambo 4 eva! =)


    Well, this is probably coming from someone who will never be able to afford either, but, my favorite car (that I could never afford) was the Ferrari F430 (what Will Smith drove in Bad Boys II, I think), but was then replaced by the Lamborghini Murcielago (thanks in part to the fact it was driven by Christian Bale in Batman Begins). So I have to say that they each have a model that I highly desire.


    Is this some kind of retribution for Tiki’s recent goat fixation?

    tiki god

    if it is, I must say that I approve!


    @schulz: Yeah, the recent LP640 is an incredible beast allright. Heck, even their designs from the 90’s still make me wet my pants. Tho, I hear these cars have a horrible exhaust note, supposedly loud enough to damage your hearing at close range.


    Wait, how is that horrible? Sounds more like “heavenly” to me.