The Democrat Generation Gap

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    I’ve never understood. What do you do with pogs?


    Just slightly after our time. 😉


    Thats the fun of it; trying to figure out what to do with them.


    The first Ace Ventura was a pretty good movie.

    I was considering sending Obama a Wii, you know just so he can play Wii Sports on the campaign trail.


    wookie_x ~ itz played kinda like the old game Parcheesy (sp)


    You put a pog upsidown on someone elses, then you use a big metal one to try and flip them. You keep what you flip.
    I remember when I was young everyone was freaking out because it was gambling. loller. Gambling for cardboard.


    I used to take a few dimes in my pocket with me to school and convince my dad to let me stop at the gas station and pick up a few (three for ten cents). Had a lot of fun at school with pogs. In fact, i think i still have some. And a brass slammer, holographic image of a shuttle in the center.


    I would peronally take pogs and ac ventura on VHS over an iphone and a ps3 anyday. unless i got to keep then because then i could tell the iphone and ps3 and buy pogs and ace ventura on vhs

    tiki god

    Are you aware of the Ace Venture 3 movie that’s in the works? The one without Jim Carey?


    Then what’s the point of ace ventura?


    pogs fuck yea!