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This is coming back for it’s second season. Anyone else watched it yet?

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    tiki god

    WTFbbq, I loved this series! Where did you hear it was coming back?


    A week or two ago? They’ve had commercials for “Jericho: The Return” for a while now. I just hope it doesn’t suck because they only brought it back due to fan complaints. It was one of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time.


    i’m pissed at the fact they nuked denver of all places. WHY NOT KANSAS!? NOBODY LIKES KANSAS EXCEPT FOR DORTHY!


    You do realize this is fictional? (Right? Shit, I better go check my bug-out vehicle)

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    I hear ya, Gilez. Even The Gods Hate Kansas


    Also, Denver = city, Kansas = state. Discuss.

    tiki god

    man, this will be great. I know that I was disappointed in the season 1 ending ‘cliff hanger’ cause it was just bullshit. I guess there’s no getting back to ‘normal’ in this show though, eh?

    General X

    This season is only going to have seven episodes. The next season very much depends on viewership, so if you are in the States, please watch.