Peta Protest


peta.jpg (225 KB)


Anyone else notice the Taco Bell in the background?

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    You can see the bottom of the “C” in the upper-left (KFC and Taco Bell are part of the same company anyway).

    I’m hungry!

    mmmmmm….those legs go on forever……oh no wait, they stop right there.

    i hate protesters. but not when they’re naked.


    i love the taco bell/pizza hut or kfc/taco bell or kfc/long john silvers etc. etc combinations they have now. PIZZA AND MEXICAN IN THE SAME PLACE OMFG!!!!!!!!!!

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    The Carl’s Jr./Green Burrito combinations are awesome, too.


    i would go vegetarian for these chicks, at least for a day.


    Needs a walrus ‘shopped in on the right


    $10 bucks says the guy on the side of the girls is just there because they are


    Normally, I think Upskirt Photographers are vile scum; however, this just begs for someone to take pics of their cooters.

    T G Geko

    lol guy on right ” bring home a bucket”


    Sorry to say they are not naked, you can tell the blonde on the left is wearing something grey. And what is the point of protesting on a street under construction? Most of the people will avoid the street.