MySpace Deletion

First, the How:
1. Goto and login
2. Click the Home link (first link on the left under the banner ad at the top)
3. Click Account Settings link
4. Under Change Account Settings, click the -Cancel Account- link
5. Click the Cancel My Account button to confirm removal

Now, the Why:
MySpace is endorsing bigoted assholes, spam bots and general ass hattery.  After deletion of a 30,000 member atheist group, they kinda just shrugged their shoulders and said “meh”.  So, since I don’t want to manage that crap anymore, off it goes.  If you were a friend of MCS on myspace, um, well you should have been commenting on MCS instead of that MySpace crap anyways.

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    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    It’s myspace account deletion day isn’t it?

    I wanna see that stats on how well that goes…


    so they just deleted the group and not the profiles? that is still douche-baggery. i myself, am a theist, and whole heartedly disagree with the whole atheist beleif system. however, i am waaaaay more passionate about freedom of thought and speech and ideas than i am about god and such. (following information can be obtained through Wikipedia) myspace, which is owned by Fox Interactive Media, which owns the foloowing websites: * * * Direct2Drive * * * GameSpy * kSolo * IGN * MySpace * * * * Rotten Tomatoes * *… Read more »


    Well, natedog, while I do appreciate your revival of the old term and, possibly, the eighteenth century upanishad-inspired transcendental philosophy movement that went with it, I have to wonder what that does with anything, asside from whatever I can read into it about Rupert Murdoch, for example: 1) Are you strongly against Rupert Murdoch’s unethical corporate practices in the past, such as making descisions without the consent of major shareholders? 2) Do you feel that photobucket is kind of lame now, but it’s still the lesser of multiple evils and you live in fear of accidently posting tubgirl on some… Read more »


    no, my point is that rupert and his conglomerate own your ass.

    i think people should be allowed to have whatever group they choose to have, without some billionaire fucking it all up.


    Can I be ytour friend? Can you delete my account too?


    Never made a myspace account and never will.


    What’s myspace?


    As much as I’ve come to despise MySpace in the past several months, and this pisses me off incredibly, I think boycotts are retarded, and from what I’ve seen, an ineffectual means of protest. I never use my account anyway.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    I will do my part by first creating an account and then immediately deleting it.

    beep beep

    MySpace didn’t just delete the “Atheist and Agnostic” group, but they deleted the profiles of its most prominent members.

    While it is lame to delete profiles, I think it is equally lame to bitch about being deleted from a free site owned by FOX. I mean, it’s FOX! They should create their own site instead of relying on a site created and maintained by a third party who is obviously not happy about their existence.




    i can’t delete my account. i’ve tried. i fucking hate myspace. stick it to ’em, tiki.


    there is no need to protest by deleting accounts, just see who actually use it and spend all day posting there, retards, pedos and 13 year olds. that’s more protest than anything.


    Especially the ones that make me lol are those extreme left groups with profiles on my space, with their che guevara and fidel castro pics.

    Alec Dalek

    MySpace is the trailer park of the internet. The rest of us with actual houses are over on Facebook.


    as to my earlier post about how all the media is owned by just a few fuckers, today Microsoft announced it wants to buy


    OK, so what does that make me if I have both a mobile home as well as a house?


    Alec, it’s pretty much impossible to imagine you not living at your mum’s (thosands of one word posts consisting of nothing but ‘gay’ places you in the 12-15 range), which makes me think weather you should be using smug fisical security metaphores or not.


    after an accidental mistype i discovered this glorious site
    (minus the medocre goats)
    so i had no idea that this thing was related to myspace, minus the name.
    i like this place


    Good to hear ya NateDog! I’m theist also. My father was a preacher… got the picture. They should at least respect the Atheist beliefs. What I believe is that early man made religion in order to control the rest of us. Man’s religion sucks Royally! God still exists in whatever way you choose to believe. Just don’t cram your belief down my throat. Thanks Tiki for bringing this out! Never had an account and never will!!!