Drive on the left

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These are all the way along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. You’d have to be retarded to drive over 100km from the city only to realise you’ve been driving on the wrong side of the road. Great Success!

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    Brits, Aussies, and Japs i think. Get over yourselves. You’re not special. Drive on the right( ZING SKIDOOOOOOOO ) side of the road. Reduce car manufacturing costs.


    namelis1 i couldnt have any less respect for a person. get over yourself and your country u intolerent *elxplicitive deleted*


    The best part is, that it hurts because its true Snow 🙂


    does it really cost that much more to put the steering apparatus on the right side of the car?

    i think it would be kinda fun and challenging to drive on the other side of the road once in a while…


    “i think it would be kinda fun and challenging to drive on the other side of the road once in a while…”

    you can do that anywhere and anytime. tee hee.

    The Lawnmower

    How could you fly to Australia, get a car, get on the road, and not realise we drive on the left side of the road?


    I love these signs! I took a photo of one last week.
    I suppose they wouldn’t have them if people weren’t stupid enough to need them.


    well played namelis1 well played. respect o meter rising.


    I’ve always wanted to know: when the steering wheel is on the other side, are the pedals still in the same order (clutch on far left, brake then gas)? If the pedal order were switched, and i had to shift with my left hand, i’m pretty sure i’d wreck in a matter of minutes. Either that or accidentally shift into reverse from like 4th and drop my transmission all over the road.


    Pretty sure the pedals are the same.


    Pedals are the same, steering column controls are reversed (I kept turning on the windscreen wipers when turning corners). The two hardest things to get used to are having a door right beside you where there’s normally the car interior (I kept banging my arm on the door) and remembering your orientation in the car for the purposes of staying in your lane. It took me some time to remember that I was on the opposite side of the car, so I would therfore be in the opposite side of the lane while driving – to start with, I was… Read more »