Wonder Woman

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AIDS is super!

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    1. bob says:

      No way, not like she could have shot up in the invisible plane without anyone knowing. This is totally fake.

    2. deuce says:

      She got it from scissoring with Supergirl.

    3. RSIxidor says:

      That’s clearly aidEs, which would not kill you.

    4. Error401 says:

      I wonder if they’re paying royalties to DC for this ad.

    5. natedog says:

      so zombie superheros have aids?

    6. TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca says:

      How immensely fucking stupid.
      Better hit home with an AIDS message because people don’t take it seriously.
      Stupid fucking retards don’t take it seriously and the odd poor fucker with bad luck.
      This ad fails is so many ways.
      If DC greenlit this then they suck cock like an AIDS riddled faggot or a Nigerian whore…with AIDS.
      Of these people actually cared they’d stop bullshitting and own up to the fact that while a lot of people have AIDS most are black and/or gay. That’s a fucking fact.
      So make your hard hitting ads hard hitting with the right people. Fucking retards.

    7. RSIxidor says:

      Jared had aides! He’s white! I think!

    8. Hepathos says:

      AIDS! My only weakness!

    9. bob says:

      Watch out Zombie Wonder Woman! Theres a rattlesnake on the bedside table!

    10. Saphykitten says:

      mAgnUS BUTTfoorson, you’re kinda correct. Mostly the blacks are the ones with the aids. But when you look at numbers, its mostly straight people compared to gay people that have the HIV.

      I think that forced sterilization of the black population is the best bet for irradicating this disease. As well as camps for those who have it. This technique was tested in the past, and almost succeeded with a similar problem of infestation of undesireable people, and he would of gotten away with it too if it wasnt for the pesky Allies.

    11. Luke Magnifico says:

      I like the little “Protect yourself” thing in the bottom right.

      “Protect yourself! Everyone else can go to hell!”

    12. TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca says:

      What you’re driving at little one is a little AMERICAN theory called eugenics. It was taught in our very own first world school system and holds its roots in that dreaded of all theories evolution. It was endorsed by the worlds finest minds of the time. Of course now because of Germany it’s shunned. Well aside from in Israel where they still employ it in an effort to combat the many many genetic disorders semetic people are prone to.
      So your point while snide and stupid is at least addressed. Your purporting that the “numbers” indicate more straight people have AIDS is 100% false. What you’re not considering is Africa and China which don’t count because their own governments prevent any proactive stance on fighting AIDS. Sure they pretend to of course. They want your money.
      Anyway you’re wrong and not at all equipped to enter into a dialogue with me on the subject. Have a nice day and watch out for AIDS. AIDS AIDS AIDS.

    13. Gary Generic says:

      …starring Courtney Cox

    14. El_Chupachichis says:

      This isn’t AIDS Wonder Woman, this is Goth Wonder Woman after too much Ecstasy or Emo Wonder Woman after a night of cutting went wrong.

      She still has a sweet rack. Wouldn’t AIDS mess that up as well?

    15. slakinator says:

      Americans weren’t the first to use eugenics, but yes you can see the effects of eugenics in our school systems in the Honors programs and special ed. separation between students.

    16. diabeetus says:

      AIDS cures homosexuality.

    17. el_metal says:

      this is full of fail and aids, amirite. also diabeetus’ comment.

    18. TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca says:

      It was started in America. It’s not selective education, it’s selective breeding and sterilization of retards and such.
      Thank God it wasn’t followed through on to completion or there would be no midgets walking around for my great amusement.

    19. Caio says:

      1) Hepathos wins.

      2) Eugenics was the brainchild of Sir Francis Gordon, of the English Upper crust, and he was inspired by Darwin and Malthus (England and England). He was mainly wanting to go after the poor if I remember.

      Back in one of my local history classes, I did a big project on the Alberta Eugenics board (that being where I lived at the time)(Alberta, not the actual Board), which ran from 1928 – 1972). It was supposedly based on intelligence and poverty, but it was quite clearly a bias test meant to eliminate the Native, French and Chinese population. Funny thing is, most Albertans have never heard of it. All very well documented and organized too. I don’t know many internal memoes and such I sorted through.

    20. Caio says:

      Oh, yes, and I forgot the point I was trying to make. One o’ clock shakes.

      Because of the very systematic nature of the Alberta Eugenics board, and the inherent racial bias, I would quite clearly call it an example of Ethnic cleansing. Combined with the Beothuk and several other suspicious activities, that give Canada a Genocide record probably more lengthy than most other countries on earth.

      When I was in University in Canada, very very recently, I remember all the socially active students bemoaning the Genocide denyers in Turkey (without knowing any details about that complex little series of events). And of course, amongst all Canadians and especially students, America is evil evil evil and does everything wrong. Funny thing is, Americans know about stuff like the trail of tears, slavery and so on, and the Germans know all about the Nazis and most affluent ones are disgusted, while Canada has systematically struck the darker chapters of its history from the basic education system.

      Just some food for thought for you Canadians.

    21. TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca says:

      I’m Canadian and well aware of the Albertan Eugenics board. My understanding was they were more interested in sterilizing retards with the intention of breeding out genetic defects.
      Some countries still do that btw. As I said Israel still has programs where the government will pay for your abortion so you don’t have a defective child. I believe China has something similar active as well. And Holland.
      What confuses me is where you got this racial agenda from? I’ve never seen this specific to race in Canada.
      Oh and in a landmark move today Toronto approved black only schools. The answer to high drop out rates among African and Caribean born blacks is for them to get a different education geared more towards their own race. Because that makes ANY sense. Needless to say the equal rights movement has officially started moving backwards in Ontario. Ads like this that lie to young people and very much to blame.

    22. Caio says:

      I get it from personally analyzing every intelligence test issued: By the AEB, by the various mental health facilities, by the Department of Indian affairs. I compare those with whatever statistical and anctedolatal evidence about the racial makeup of Alberta I could find. And the general atmosphere towards race at the time, choice comments by Social Credit politicians and lets not forget, the raw statistics of who got sterilized: Those are the most definate evidence, as they were recorded so meticulously, and can be easily found in Edmonton, within a week (it only took me two to get everything I needed up there).
      What I found was that even in the twenties, English speakers and protestants made up less of a majority of Alberta than they do today. Most of the French were recent arrivals (from the 1890s onwards), and of course, that was the last place to be settled, so the reservations had more people that what you’d find on the great lakes, particularly the southern reservations. However, Natives still formed a minority by the 20s, yet were, some years, a near majority of serilization cases.
      Here’s the trick: The tests were, almost without exception, administered in English. There were still generations of Blackfoot, Stoney, etc, who had had no significant contact with the whites, so virtually anyone too old to have landed in a residential school was a target. Only those living in the deepest depths of big rezes like Kainai, or in the far north were safe. The French towns with French schools, which would have for a time dotted Alberta, rapidly Anglicized or were abandoned in that period. In Calgary (formerly Ruelaville) you could chalk that up to assimilation, but in the majority of these towns, you find a low birthrate, etc, which coincides with, guess what? AEB. (there’s all kinds of direct correlation I couldn’t get into) Asside from that, disproportionate amounts of Eastern Europeans and a few Chinese on the shit end of that deal. Last but not least, it was only towards the 1950s that they actually started to shuffle that many testee failers through the system. That is, they only started to really go after the stupids after the program had been around for a couple decades, and white dominance in Alberta was complete.
      Imagine an intelligence test administered to you in Nepali: Even if your Nepali wasn’t bad, do you think you’d test as brilliantly as you assume you would in English?

    23. schulzbrianr says:

      I thought intelligence tests were mostly shapes, and numbers, to test spacial thinking and such? Any language comprehension test should obviously be in the persons native language, but also, it’s not my fault the vast majority of civilization in North American favors English. Learn it, or don’t go to a school that teaches and administers standardized tests in a language you don’t speak.

    24. fab says:

      btw, am i the only one to think AIDS does exactly the opposite thing of makeing us equal?

    25. Caio says:

      We’re talking about the 1930s here. And completely non-standarized tests. Many of the early ones were really bad, for example: What can you tell me about the Tudor Dynasty? How about Anglican doctrine, the Glorious Revolution, etc? Stuff white Canadians would have known at the time. Like I said, by the fifties it was more like standardized intelligence tests, but not in the 30s.

    26. TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca says:

      Those tests your personally examined. Did they test for intelligence as well as take into account known genetic defects such as susceptibility to addiction? They did didn’t they. And in an effort to breed it out of the native population certain people who shared the same race were sterilized. It was NEVER nor is it ever a product of something as subjective as an IQ test. That’s the same reasoning every so called victimized by the white man quotient retreats to as if anyone with any degree of intelligence would accept it as the final word. The so called white dominance in Alberta: who exactly put them in charge? I mean if they were the minority how’d they get all the power? There are plenty of minorities around now. Why aren’t they employing these same techniques to get on top?
      The perennial dark skinned victim is such a tired cliche. As tired as the stodgy old evil white man who sells the world.
      Your theory about a mass genocide by evil white people in Alberta is pretty laughable. I think you should consider what you read and what exactly your read into what you were reading.
      The standards were flawed by I don’t think it was absolutely racially motivated as you are thinking. If it were the number of white people made a part of the project would have been zero.
      I would think that the best thing to do if your race is proven to be subject to genetic defects and someone is looking to do something about that (however horrible. as most science that gets results is) is volunteer.
      What if the project had been continued and Natives were no longer prone to addiction as they are? They’d be a whole hell of a lot better off.
      Would you like to switch places? I think you’d like Toronto a lot better than Alberta. Though you’ll also have to deal with the huge crime rate, low low low number of English speakers (fun times for all. nobody speaks the same damn language anymore), and filth coating the entire city. I’ll have to deal with being paid more, cheaper real estate, a better standard of living, and a cleaner safer city. In fact fuck it. Calgary here I come.

    27. Caio says:

      Ah, but Magnus, you didn’t read close enough. Keep in mind that I had to defend this to one of the world experts in Alberta’s History.
      1) AEB’s activities can be divided into phases. The original series of tests didn’t resemble IQ tests in any reasonable ways (with exceptions – all candidates for sterilization had to be send from a hospital or some other similar institution, so it varied, but in terms of rural population, it’s doubtful weather any of these people had received an IQ test). Like I hinted at, they read more like a combination of Protestant indoctrination and maoist purgings. The idea wasn’t to eliminate the non-whites, but all who didn’t fit a very narrow ideological view involving the age-old Anglican/Protestant feud. The natives got caught up in it, yes: You’ll notice I mentioned that in the early phase, the natives sterilized were largely those who didn’t attend residential schools. Not a coincidence. Also, those who attended Catholic residential schools were amongst the few residential students to have been sterilized in this early phase. And of course, the virtual dissapearance of the French here, and Eastern Europeans were targeted disproportionately as well. Skin colour was never the issue, the very cultural assumtions that form the foundations of our lives were targeted. More devious in my opinion. Were I around back then, I would be a potential target: Though I’m Latin American, I could pass as white, but having been raised Catholic and knowing virtually nothing about Anglicanism, xenophobic rural institutions would have no doubt reccomended me to the board, and because the AEB considered English Culture as a measuring stick for intelligence, no doubt I would have failed.

      Interestingly, one of these guys, MacEachran, who considered himself a philosopher before a psychologist, had lived in Germany, spoke German and studied under some prominent future Nazis. He was suspiciously quiet about that by the late 30s and mostly wronte long volumes on Plato. Furthermore, friends and associates say that he didn’t pay close attention to the cases he was approving when dealing with minorities: How could he, only four people had the final say on thousands of patients. Some years in the thirties, they would have been approving 2-3 cases a day. Do you think you can assess a person’s complete mental, physical state, the heridible effects and so on in a few hours? And the council of four were psychologists, their understanding of genetics was minimal even by the standards of the day. It’s thought that very few of these conditions are even inheritable, strickly speaking.

      3) Again mentioned above, the process became more regular. In the late thirties, a series of amendments were passed which regularized the process. The patient’s own approval was now required (which complicated things, as in Canadian law, one must have one’s faculties to agree to a contract), and standardized IQ testing became the norm. By the 1950s, virtually no one accepted genetics, but the AEB had become less maleficient and generally sterilized cases of serious mental health. Nota bene: It is unanimously accepted both by the court system and the Professors specializing in Alberta’s history at UoC and, I’m told, UoA, that there was a lot of bullying, poor sanitation, etc, which brings me to my next point.

      3) You state that theory beautifully, Magnus, about breeding out native addiction, but I never saw a reference to it. No, most of the stuff in the thirties was about eleminating crime deviancy, and, hilariously, the fear that smart people might be bread out of existance. The idea was that smart people represented a fixed percentage of the population, and each time a smart person married a less smart person, the children would be half-stupid and eventually smart people would vanish. Here’s where we start getting into the real crazy stuff, but that’s beyond the scope of this comment. I’ll just say that there was the clear and frequently stated assumtion that Intelligence was a feature found only amonsgst the rich and protestants, and pre-Ottoman Greeks. There was nothing resembling scientific method. You were dealing exculsively in the realm of the ancient biases of the old world.

      4) Ethical issues. Again, you stated your theory about native addictions beautifully, but few people understood or cared, and those that did were mainly anthropologists. Psychologists in Alberta were busy trying to cure the world of ‘sexual deviancy’, which included, amongst other things, irregular menstration (ask a doctor or a few females how common that is) or masturbation (you’re a guy, right?), which they were experimenting to find a suitable cure for. Many unagreed to castrations were performed for medical testing, many lady parts were gutted, for lack of a scientific term. Of the reccomended WASP patients and non-WASP patients, guess which ones were approved more often, and then guess which group was more frequently passed along for medical testing. Basically, if they caught you squeezing one off, and they didn’t want a fucking catholic in their neighbourhood, they could send you off to AEB, and then the lab.

      I’m gonna have a smoke and finnish this later. You raise some interesting points that deserve a fair response.

    28. TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca says:

      Well you are definitely an authority on this (AEB) I’ll give you that!
      But for all those facts I still don’t see what the point is. I don’t know what you’re end result was or is or what closure all this research brought.
      Now if this is a racially specific thing. A religiously specific thing. And my initial point was that ads like the one that started this all are merely preaching to the informed and ignoring the people with the real problem. Such as we’re doing now since Canada no longer has a eugenics problem or anything even remotely close to genocide but Africa and China still do.
      So sort of like this ad we’re not talking about or to the right people.

    29. Caio says:

      First of, I used the word WASP up there, which is unfair: Scottish protestants were also genetically acceptable.
      The History of Protestant Hegemony In Alberta

      On the dawn of Dominion, southern Alberta was virtually untouched by the Whites, save a few trading posts near Edmonton, and Whiskey Traders on the border. Canada’s first substatial contact with the Natives involved an influential band chief by the name of Crowfoot. Crowfoot was a quick learner when it came to white culture, and probably a genius: If you can ever find his Biography, it’s one of the best Canadian history books you’ll ever read. He’d been dealing with the fur traders for a while, and he understood from the beginning that the mounties made better allies than enemies: He enlisted them on the condition that they fight the Whiskey Traders, and because the Canadians were looking to prevent American incursions, they were more than happy to comply.

      Crowfoot was only ever Cheif of his own band. There were tribes, but they involved mutual decisions by band chiefs, who could easily change tribes, as the people could easily change bands. They didn’t have big chiefs in those parts, but Crowfoot understood that there were a whole lot of whites, and that a railroad was quickly approaching, something none of the other cheifs could concieve of. He also knew that the whites were planning to move in, and had been forcing treaties on the easterly tribes. Crowfoot spent years negotiating both amongst the other chiefs and the whites in order to obtain a good deal for the southern nations as a whole.

      This wasn’t an easy process. The only translators spoke only Cree, not a word of Blackfoot, or the local Lakota languages (except one guy, who was crazy). Crowfoot was one of the few Cheifs who could understand any Cree at all, and even then a different dialect. Plus he’d had little contact with the non-Blackfoot speaking chiefs. But he was a genius. He not only organized a loose aliance, but he knew how to play the whites off against each other: He dealt almost exclusively with the French Catholics, who were largely unsympathetic to the Anglos, and were religious enough to be persuaded towards fighting for the underdog. Here’s a good example:
      Another was Father Lacombe, another brilliant man, and more or less the founder of Calgary. The two of them also, importantly, negotiated a peace with the Cree.

      Why were the Treaty Seven Tribes so important? Years of trade with American Outlaws had provided them with more guns and horses than all the other Canadian Prairie Tribes combined. Had they joined the North West Rebellion, it would have been as brutal and bloody as the recent Battle of Little Bighorn (amongst others). In exchange for a good treaty (which only Crowfoot, amongst the cheifs, could even understand the language it was translated into) , ensured the building of the railroad and, eventually, a quick and easy Canadian victory in the NW Rebellion:
      ^One of the most important documents in Canadian history.

      Read Treaty 7:
      Quite fair compared to virtually every other treaty, no? In fact, it should have been one of the prouder moments for both the First Nations and White Canadians. Also, very cheap for the whites. All it meant was big reservations nd cattle, really.

      The first wave of settlers were almost uniformly French. What became Alberta was, for about a decade, mainly French Speaking. However, once the railroad was complete, the government made great efforts to populate the land with as many protestants as possible. French settlers were evicted often, and land – even some treaty land – was handed off to protestants for pennies. Secretarian tensions were running high back east, and there was a time when Canada was close to becoming an Ireland.

      Not one article of Treaty 7 was fufilled till about the 1960s, and it’s yet to be entirely fufilled to this day. The Laurier government in particular thought the treaties inconvenient and instituted draconian restrictions on every aspect of native life. The Blackfoot were not only forbidden from taking part in any kind of traditional religious ritual but their movement was tracked: Should they leave the reservation, it would have to be with hard to obtain permissions. That’s just scratching the surface. By this time, Crowfoot had died of old age, reservation children were dying of malnutrition (no cattle + no buffalo + no farm tools + no money). The government did provide occasional ‘temporary’ food until the cattle could be arranged, but that was intermittent at best. Plus, reservation land was annexed, decimating some reservations (famously Siksika, but also Kainai, Stoney and I think Sarcee/Tsuu Ts’ina).

      To summarize: The treaty was broken, the horses and ammunition were mainly confiscated, the reservations were shrunk, the natives – including babies – were starved to death but not allowed to leave the reservations to look for work. The French were similarly evicted from their farms, except in the far north, and few would employ them, or even let them in stores. For the record, there are still towns in rural Alberta with “No Indians, No Irish, No French” painted on the doors. You know, tradition. Good enough for you Magnus?

    30. Caio says:

      Last but not least, observations about Calgary from a 7-year resident:
      1) Crappy schools. The public school system is so bad, that I knew people with atheist/protestant/buddhist parents who actually took the catechism to get their kids in Catholic schools. My sister’s best friend’s family is an example, and I can’t tell you how many “Chinese Catholic” friends I had with alters to ancestors and boddhistava statuettes in their houses.
      2) Worst designed city in North America. You’ll grow to fear and despise the numerous inner-city highways. I actually quit school instead of working on my PhD to move to the mountains and get away from the traffic. I’ll never go back now that I’ve seen good traffic. Be prepared for bottlenecks which provide nice 5-hour rush hours, and several of the most dangerous roads in north America, including the famous Calfrobe bridge, locaded above a factory whose steam helps to ice up the bridge in Winter. Not only to people die there on a regular basis, but there’s 50-100 car pileups on a regular basis.
      3) You describe Toronto as being a place where the non-whites are poor and ailing. Be prepared for crazy bizzaro world: The oil industry rocked the Calgary demographics. Since the 1980s, white people have been poor, and most work in factories, or go up north to the oil rigs. The engineers and geologists, however, are almost uniformly immigrants or children of. It’s like some crazy Mecca where the Azns and Punjabis run the show, and the whites are the poor, disenfranchized sub-humans. In fact, I’ve never had one white doctor, optometrist, dentists, etc. Cuz they don’t get educaded. And it works, too. As you yourself have pointed out, Calgary is the richest city in Canada.
      4) Cheaper real estate? Maybe if you live on the suburbs and want to drive five hours to work, (see above). I was paying $1000 a month for a one-room inner-city appartment in a hundred year old building that used to be a convent. I mean one room: The shower and kitchen were literally in the living room, and the toilet was in a doorless nook. I might pay less buying a house in the suburbs, but I’d be paying more in gas.

      To summerize my rant:
      1)Alberta Eugenics was a genocide. Race and Nationality is about more than the colour of one’s skin, it’s about the series of ethical, metaphysical, and interpersonal assumptions that form our worldview. Is an assimilated so-and-so really a so-and-so? Were I to go back to Brazil, I would always be a foreigner. Hitler killed people, Canadians killed culture, killed ideas, which is more evil in my book.
      2)When culture collapses, so does its people’s ability to thrive. Natives might be more boozy, and it may be genetically motivated, but it was the collapse of their culture and the dehuminizing method of assimilating their destroyed their very lifeblood: Human society, and ideas. You could say the same of any colonized peoples, including the blacks in Africa and America.
      3) The history of English Speakers in Alberta has lead me to one conclusion: Their arrogance was their destruction. So confident were they in their own superiority, that they set themselves up as the future serf of the new order. Confident that they were inherently smarter and better, they forgot to get educations, or boozed themselves up at frat parties. In the meantime, industrious Asians took up the most important roles in the modern economy. Someone had to fill the vacume and it may as well be the humble and the collectivists. Still whites while away at the oil rigs for their azn/punjabi supervizors and complain about how their own superiority could only have been copromized through superiority, not their own indolence and idleness.
      Conclusion the Last: I agree with you on the add. AIDS is not the equalizer, and Wonder Woman is a crappy way to get people to take the issue seriously. What we’re dealing with in Africa is another crushed culture who have been deprived of the very societal and ethical structures they need to survive by the hands of white colonialism.

      Race is a weak concept at best. Culture is the provider of human life, and if we don’t start tieing up some problems when cultures colide, we will always be stuck with war, Endemic Disease, and destructive conflict. Unite and Organize. Stop the ism and schism. Peace out.

    31. Phyreblade says:

      Good Lord Ciao, you make great points, but ya need to learn the fine art of being concise… 😛

    32. garbledxmission says:

      Exactly, this is a COMMENT site, not university. Submit your thesis somewhere else.

      That being said, good research.

    33. tiki god says:


      Comment site? Did you miss all the pictures? This is a pictures site!

    34. Deleted_User says:

      I can’t believe you typed that much to prove some random person on the internet wrong.

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