Wonder Woman

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AIDS is super!

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    No way, not like she could have shot up in the invisible plane without anyone knowing. This is totally fake.


    She got it from scissoring with Supergirl.


    That’s clearly aidEs, which would not kill you.


    I wonder if they’re paying royalties to DC for this ad.


    so zombie superheros have aids?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    How immensely fucking stupid. Better hit home with an AIDS message because people don’t take it seriously. Wrong. Stupid fucking retards don’t take it seriously and the odd poor fucker with bad luck. This ad fails is so many ways. If DC greenlit this then they suck cock like an AIDS riddled faggot or a Nigerian whore…with AIDS. Of these people actually cared they’d stop bullshitting and own up to the fact that while a lot of people have AIDS most are black and/or gay. That’s a fucking fact. So make your hard hitting ads hard hitting with the right… Read more »


    Jared had aides! He’s white! I think!


    AIDS! My only weakness!


    Watch out Zombie Wonder Woman! Theres a rattlesnake on the bedside table!


    mAgnUS BUTTfoorson, you’re kinda correct. Mostly the blacks are the ones with the aids. But when you look at numbers, its mostly straight people compared to gay people that have the HIV.

    I think that forced sterilization of the black population is the best bet for irradicating this disease. As well as camps for those who have it. This technique was tested in the past, and almost succeeded with a similar problem of infestation of undesireable people, and he would of gotten away with it too if it wasnt for the pesky Allies.

    Luke Magnifico

    I like the little “Protect yourself” thing in the bottom right.

    “Protect yourself! Everyone else can go to hell!”

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    @Saphykitten What you’re driving at little one is a little AMERICAN theory called eugenics. It was taught in our very own first world school system and holds its roots in that dreaded of all theories evolution. It was endorsed by the worlds finest minds of the time. Of course now because of Germany it’s shunned. Well aside from in Israel where they still employ it in an effort to combat the many many genetic disorders semetic people are prone to. . So your point while snide and stupid is at least addressed. Your purporting that the “numbers” indicate more straight… Read more »

    Gary Generic

    …starring Courtney Cox


    This isn’t AIDS Wonder Woman, this is Goth Wonder Woman after too much Ecstasy or Emo Wonder Woman after a night of cutting went wrong.

    She still has a sweet rack. Wouldn’t AIDS mess that up as well?


    my dad has AIDS


    Americans weren’t the first to use eugenics, but yes you can see the effects of eugenics in our school systems in the Honors programs and special ed. separation between students.


    AIDS cures homosexuality.


    this is full of fail and aids, amirite. also diabeetus’ comment.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    It was started in America. It’s not selective education, it’s selective breeding and sterilization of retards and such.
    Thank God it wasn’t followed through on to completion or there would be no midgets walking around for my great amusement.


    1) Hepathos wins. 2) Eugenics was the brainchild of Sir Francis Gordon, of the English Upper crust, and he was inspired by Darwin and Malthus (England and England). He was mainly wanting to go after the poor if I remember. Back in one of my local history classes, I did a big project on the Alberta Eugenics board (that being where I lived at the time)(Alberta, not the actual Board), which ran from 1928 – 1972). It was supposedly based on intelligence and poverty, but it was quite clearly a bias test meant to eliminate the Native, French and Chinese… Read more »


    Oh, yes, and I forgot the point I was trying to make. One o’ clock shakes. … Because of the very systematic nature of the Alberta Eugenics board, and the inherent racial bias, I would quite clearly call it an example of Ethnic cleansing. Combined with the Beothuk and several other suspicious activities, that give Canada a Genocide record probably more lengthy than most other countries on earth. … When I was in University in Canada, very very recently, I remember all the socially active students bemoaning the Genocide denyers in Turkey (without knowing any details about that complex little… Read more »

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I’m Canadian and well aware of the Albertan Eugenics board. My understanding was they were more interested in sterilizing retards with the intention of breeding out genetic defects. Some countries still do that btw. As I said Israel still has programs where the government will pay for your abortion so you don’t have a defective child. I believe China has something similar active as well. And Holland. What confuses me is where you got this racial agenda from? I’ve never seen this specific to race in Canada. . Oh and in a landmark move today Toronto approved black only schools.… Read more »


    I get it from personally analyzing every intelligence test issued: By the AEB, by the various mental health facilities, by the Department of Indian affairs. I compare those with whatever statistical and anctedolatal evidence about the racial makeup of Alberta I could find. And the general atmosphere towards race at the time, choice comments by Social Credit politicians and lets not forget, the raw statistics of who got sterilized: Those are the most definate evidence, as they were recorded so meticulously, and can be easily found in Edmonton, within a week (it only took me two to get everything I… Read more »


    I thought intelligence tests were mostly shapes, and numbers, to test spacial thinking and such? Any language comprehension test should obviously be in the persons native language, but also, it’s not my fault the vast majority of civilization in North American favors English. Learn it, or don’t go to a school that teaches and administers standardized tests in a language you don’t speak.


    btw, am i the only one to think AIDS does exactly the opposite thing of makeing us equal?


    We’re talking about the 1930s here. And completely non-standarized tests. Many of the early ones were really bad, for example: What can you tell me about the Tudor Dynasty? How about Anglican doctrine, the Glorious Revolution, etc? Stuff white Canadians would have known at the time. Like I said, by the fifties it was more like standardized intelligence tests, but not in the 30s.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Ciao, Those tests your personally examined. Did they test for intelligence as well as take into account known genetic defects such as susceptibility to addiction? They did didn’t they. And in an effort to breed it out of the native population certain people who shared the same race were sterilized. It was NEVER nor is it ever a product of something as subjective as an IQ test. That’s the same reasoning every so called victimized by the white man quotient retreats to as if anyone with any degree of intelligence would accept it as the final word. The so called… Read more »


    Ah, but Magnus, you didn’t read close enough. Keep in mind that I had to defend this to one of the world experts in Alberta’s History. . 1) AEB’s activities can be divided into phases. The original series of tests didn’t resemble IQ tests in any reasonable ways (with exceptions – all candidates for sterilization had to be send from a hospital or some other similar institution, so it varied, but in terms of rural population, it’s doubtful weather any of these people had received an IQ test). Like I hinted at, they read more like a combination of Protestant… Read more »

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Well you are definitely an authority on this (AEB) I’ll give you that! But for all those facts I still don’t see what the point is. I don’t know what you’re end result was or is or what closure all this research brought. . Now if this is a racially specific thing. A religiously specific thing. And my initial point was that ads like the one that started this all are merely preaching to the informed and ignoring the people with the real problem. Such as we’re doing now since Canada no longer has a eugenics problem or anything even… Read more »


    First of, I used the word WASP up there, which is unfair: Scottish protestants were also genetically acceptable. …. The History of Protestant Hegemony In Alberta … On the dawn of Dominion, southern Alberta was virtually untouched by the Whites, save a few trading posts near Edmonton, and Whiskey Traders on the border. Canada’s first substatial contact with the Natives involved an influential band chief by the name of Crowfoot. Crowfoot was a quick learner when it came to white culture, and probably a genius: If you can ever find his Biography, it’s one of the best Canadian history books… Read more »


    Last but not least, observations about Calgary from a 7-year resident: 1) Crappy schools. The public school system is so bad, that I knew people with atheist/protestant/buddhist parents who actually took the catechism to get their kids in Catholic schools. My sister’s best friend’s family is an example, and I can’t tell you how many “Chinese Catholic” friends I had with alters to ancestors and boddhistava statuettes in their houses. 2) Worst designed city in North America. You’ll grow to fear and despise the numerous inner-city highways. I actually quit school instead of working on my PhD to move to… Read more »


    Good Lord Ciao, you make great points, but ya need to learn the fine art of being concise… 😛


    Exactly, this is a COMMENT site, not university. Submit your thesis somewhere else.

    That being said, good research.

    tiki god

    Comment site? Did you miss all the pictures? This is a pictures site!


    I can’t believe you typed that much to prove some random person on the internet wrong.