Elish Cuthbert & Mila Kunis – White

Might be NSFW, so behind a cut it goes :


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    Sorry, but the blonde clearly outstrips the brunette in this hotness race. It’s like the hare on crack vs. the tortoise (and how it would ACTUALLY go, not this Aesop bull)


    dude, the brunette is totally nom-nomable


    Ill take both to go please, thank you.

    Alpha Harrison

    Kunis for the WIN!!!

    also the voice of Meg on Family Guy for anyone that didn’t know


    They’re both delicious. And, before Mila Kunis, LACEY CHABERT!!!! was the voice of Meg, if I’m not mistaken. Thats 2x the win.


    i need a mop for all this drool.


    i need a mop too, but not for drool.


    Brunett wins hands down. Whoever that blonde is looks so surgeried and made-up and shopped that there’s got to be less than 20% of her from her homestate.


    No, Elisha Cuthbert has looked like that for a long time, I’m pretty sure her surgery is pretty minimal, if at all. She may be a bit more tan than normal, but she spends far more time outside than I do, so I don’t know how to rate how artificial that may be. The reason so many girls get plastic surgery to look like this is because some girls really do look like this.

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