Disney Mermaids

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But one is a double-mermaid.

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    Does that mean she has a penis?


    I never really understood how merpeople had sex. They don’t have any junk.. at least none I can see.


    Watch the Futurama episode about Atlanta.


    From a biological point of view, they’re bottom half is fish, so I’d expect it would be in a fishy way. But then what they hell do they have breasts for? Enticing human men into the depths so they can be fed to their babies, I guess.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    why do human women have breasts for that matter? every other mammal, gets by without them.


    reboot, are you saying mammals dont have breasts?

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Yes, I’m saying that other mammals have mammary glands, but breasts are uniquely human. Having mounds of fatty tissue is not necessary for lactation. There are even some medications that can stimulate male lactation.


    : It’s a sexual indicator in humans, much like the colorful plumage on birds, or spiders reflecting UV light.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    udders != breasts. other mammals only have protruding breasts when they are breastfeeding. you might have noticed that (most) human females have protruding breasts from puberty onward. that is the difference.
    there has been some research on why this is the case, but i’m not brave enough to google for it at work.


    Enlarged breasts in fact hinder feeding, as Babies have trouble getting around such a protrusion.

    It is largely accepted that Human breasts are purely for sexual arousal, as the extra mass has no other practical function

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    sorry, all I originally intended was a flippant remark about how mermaid breast were no less useful than human breasts.
    just shows that everyone is eager to show off how knowledgeable they are about breasts.


    Breasts are good hand warmers, and they’re ever so much fun to watch bounce. Thats enough use for me!


    mmmm breasts.

    tiki god

    I heard once that breasts are the way they are because they remind men of asses.

    No joke.


    so did anyone check out the Wiki link on how to fuck a set of boobies?
    i thought it would get laughs, but no one thinks it is funny i guess.

    tiki god

    oh dude, I totally missed that shit

    extra lulz are had by reading the discussion page for it too, lol


    i thought i was on ED, that article is epic.
    i think a lot of us don’t click every link in the comments or don’t even read them.