cthulhu/lovecraft tattoo

back.jpg (176 KB)

and for my first post here in MCS my tattoo on my back

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    That’s incredible.


    Bonus points for at first looking like but actually not being a stupid pentagram. So cool.

    If you get possessed by some outer void spawn, though, it’s your own fault. Heheheh.


    lovecraft never “designed” any graphic rendering of anything (except a crude sketch of the cthulhu idol.)
    he only wrote.
    any art associated with lovecraft was tacked on later by lesser beings
    and yes, that includes the shitty, anton levay-wannabe “necronomicon: you can buy at fucking barnes & noble
    and now some hack designer’s failed geometry lesson is etched on your back forever.
    you poor, poor dumb shmuck.


    Are you sure that was drawn by Lovecraft himself? I’ve only ever laid eye’s on it from the craptastic Necronomicon published by Del Rey Press in 1995. SAUCE!


    Actually, this is taken from the Canadian metalband Kataklysm. They used this as a symbol on some of their older albumcovers.
    Their former vocalist was heavily into occult stuff. Interresting lyrics.


    i’ve got that tattoo…