Eliza Dushku In Red




Damn writers strike needs to end so we can see Joss Weadon and Ms Dushku’s new project!

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    Yeah, I’m actually considering watching “Tru Calling” because of her. Plus, it only lasted two seasons, so I don’t have to worry about keeping up with another show.


    If only she wasn’t such a tragically bad actress.

    tiki god

    I tried watching “tru calling” but the premise was just too stupid for me. I prefer to have ‘living dead’ instead of ‘dead come back to ask for someone to finish their job’


    Damn, that kinda sucks. Oh well. “Dead Like Me” had the hot tomboy chick, and Inigo Montoya.


    i dont care
    i loved her in buffy
    and saw the new guy
    and fell in love again
    even tho she may be gettin a bit older

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