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We’ve taken something that is pretty vile and disgusting and made it even MORE vile and disgusting!

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    I would try it simply because it’s ‘suitable for vegans,’ anything entitled such should be tried once by vegans, just in case it actually tastes good.


    Everyone knows the best food comes in a skin.


    Damnit Flint, don’t make me lulz at works, people might see me and then ask me what my lul is from, and then they’ll be like YOU”RE FIRED MOFUCKER

    Gary Generic

    If it’s “in a skin,” it’s not suitable for vegans.


    Tofurky has a ‘skin’ and I assure you its plenty vegan.

    Gary Generic

    That’s ‘skin’ not skin, though. Maybe that’s what they meant?

    And Tofurkey is my favorite food. Loved it before going vegetarian. It’s even better than Quorn. Holy shit, I need tofurkey right now!


    the only sustenence i can gain is from the flesh of slaughtered animals. u can almost see the despair, cant grill that off. people being vegan doesnt stop the animals from being killed and if u dont eat it the animal diedin vain. GIVE ANIMALS PURPOSE … EAT MEAT.


    Haggis divided by zero.


    is this better or worse than the cheeseburger in a can? I can’t decide.

    and tofurkey makes lunch “meat” slices in several varieties. That’s some good stuff, but sometimes it’ll make your urine smell like tofurkey.

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