Wonder Woman Statue



I want one!


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    Well with no legs, she can’t run away. Obligatory “Kids” reference is the guy on the skateboard in the subway “I have no legs…I have no legs”

    Also, those sunglasses are one too many accessories. Diana Vreeland: “Take off one accessory before leaving the house.” Learn it, live it, love it. She has the tiara of justice, the towel of wrath, bracers of bullet-deflection, and the gold belt and boobie gold accent thing, sunglasses are just too much.


    lol schulzbrianr

    tiki god

    way to miss the point. he’s doing her wonder woman change. Notice the shirt falling off?


    Is that what it is? At first I would have thought it was the whip of truth, but then I looked, and it more closely resembles a towel. I guess a shirt falling off during the change from Diana Ross to Wonder Woman makes sense.

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