More Voltage = More Internet

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    It’s called BPL (Broadband over Power Lines). Not sure if this is it or not, but it’s real.


    More like “My preferred way to troubleshoot Mac problems,” AKA “You gonna FRY, you silicon sadist!”


    sriusly, guys. My internets …

    I’m sorry for the shitty quality but I done broke my camera so.


    I wanted to start that post off with


    Hmm, we need to get the fuck off roadrunner. This is at work, btw.


    “…and sometimes, late at night I get these twitches. Like dead people get. (Or, as I prefer to call them, perfect computer users) In the mornings I get them too. Like when the phone rings. And when I get email. And when people talk to me. AND when people are hogging the expresso machine to make fluffy milk. But apart from that I’m cured. A new man. I smile at the thought and look, in reminiscence, at some reminders of my past. A couple of backup 8mm tapes with cartoons on them. The thank-you cards for my attendance at 23… Read more »


    This is totally shopped. Besides, BPL equipment is a small box with a plug one end and a socket on the other, and one for data.


    In other words, this is a NIC killer… LOL


    It’s not “shopped”, and it’s not POE or BPL, you twats. It’s a joke, referencing the BOFH’s ether-killer.


    my picture isn’t fake