HP pacakging

HP packaging.JPG (21 KB)

I shit you not, this is the warning that is all over the plastic packaging in all/most HP products. They apparently have something against people playing “spaceman”.

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    wtf is pacakging?


    It’s a package of Pancakes.


    And, they don’t have this just on HP packaging, it’s on most plastic bags these days, because before, when I didn’t know that a bag over the head could kill someone, I gave them to kids as presents.


    Yeah. Me and my friend laughed our asses off while we unboxed about 30 Dell laptops because these bags are hilarious.

    Alec Dalek

    So it’s okay to put the bag over you head, but not over an infants head? There’s a line in front of the second one, but not the first (it goes behind so it missed).


    with the lawsuits these days getting more stupid by the hour, companies have to put this stupid things on the package, i saw a warning on an iron that said that it shouldn’t be used on the clothes you are wearing.