cloverfield director

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    AT LAST!

    An MJF jab that makes some kind of freakin’ sense…




    nah, the pistol + MJF = M60 was the best.


    Lol cuz, leik, Cloverfield was teh sux becuz the camera was shaky. It wuz liek nothing I ever saw before, so it bad!


    They do the same thing with the “Bourne” movies, and I’m sure others I can’t recall. Having a fight scene where the camera shakes and cuts every .2 seconds does NOT mean the fight was amazing, it means that I don’t know wtf is going on. Please leave it steady, or have a few cuts to get better vantage points as the fight moves around the room, I’m sorry if you can’t choreograph with any amount of skill. Same goes for Cloverfield, which I haven’t seen, because the trailers give me no idea what the movie is about, other than… Read more »


    I agree with you about the constant pointless camera angle transitions that quite a few modern action movies seem to enjoy. It really doesn’t help the action all that much.

    However in Cloverfield I think it was a much more deliberate effect designed to keep the audience as unbalanced as the characters in the movie. I’m thinking they felt it would help the audience suspend thier disbelief if they made the audience feel as the disoriented as the characters…

    From what I hear, I’m guessing they succeeded… LOL


    bloody legendary


    I knew this was comming, and now that I have seen it, I have just died laughing. Of course, with an erection.