Westboro Baptist Church Vs Heath Ledger



Via Pharyngula 

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    Do what? I mean really what the fuck is wrong with Christians. “God has bountiful love for everything, except fags, because guys can’t love other guys. God hates taking it up the ass.” He was a fucking actor, not the aussie antichrist, what the fuck are they going to do, picket that he doesn’t deserve a funeral because he was in a movie? Shit, at that rate they should look up who actually wrote the original work of it, which THEN got trans-scribed into a script. Fucking hell, I try to live not being bothered by other people’s actions, and… Read more »


    Kaze, do your homework dude. Im not religious by any means. but im fuckin smart enough to know that the “WESTBORO BAPTIST CHURCH” is not affliated nor recognized by the Christian communtiy. In fact this bogus church calls for the protests of all US Military personnel that has died in combat. So dude, seriously, youre the idiotic one.


    this is just sickening. and it ruins the good that religion and spirituality bring to the world. it’s a perfect example of how religion has been twisted. i mean, look at the ‘christian’ example jesus made with that slut the church pricks wanted to stone. they wanted to beat her ass because she had to sell her cookie to make ends meet or whatever. so jesus jumped in and said that whoever was without sin should throw the first stone. he saved that chick an ass beating. if religion actually followed the examples it says it does, life would be… Read more »


    See kids, isn’t hate fun?

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    HA! I love how the other Christians try to disassociated with these guys, “Real Christians only believe the not crazy parts of the Bible like the Earth being 6000 years, old, Job riding a dino and that you should hate your whole family (Luke 14:26)”


    I’d be chuffed if the westboro baptists turned up to my funeral. I’d proud that I’d done something to piss them off. It’s like a seal of approval, evidence that you must have done something right in your life.


    It doesnt matter, they dont have the money to fly to austrailia. Not after that lawsuit from the last major funeral they picketed. WBC is broke as a joke.


    Yeah, WBC is a fringe group, consisting mostly of members of one extended family. However, I think a lot of the reactionary/fundie crowd doesn’t mind their presence that much.

    Ironically, the WBC’s so extreme that they produce a huge backlash against their message, creating more tolerance and understanding of gays. It almost makes you wonder if they’re a secret, covert gay organization 🙂


    Never-the-less, reboot is right.

    Christians are always quick to point out, “No, no. They’re the crazy Christians. See, WE are the ones that actually know what the big invisible guy in the sky who doesn’t actually talk to anyone really wants.”


    If people didn’t fight over religion, there would be far less war. At that rate, if religion was never invented, I truly do believe that the planet’s population as a whole would be far happier.

    People just can’t accept that there is no loving arm up in the sky, and that all religion is no more true than Amon-Ra, Thor, Hell, Santa, or Kwanzaa-bot.


    We should send in Kurt Russell.


    Once again, I’m proud to say that reboot has hit it squarely on the head as to what i believe. OH wait, thats not true, he’s gone and mis-interpreted yet again. How astounding!?! Nevertheless, these bunch of insensitive bastards should be drawn and quartered. Picketing the funeral of soldiers killed in combat? Picketing the grave of someone who made a movie, for christ’s sake. (Woops, i did it, i broke a commandment. Yet, according to reboots understanding of my religion, i should be dead, no? maybe he doesnt understand it like he thinks he does). These people are just sickos… Read more »


    We already tried sending in Kurt Russell and he got raped by WBC Christmas Critters.


    Neat!…I hope the rally’s catered…cuz i ain’t-a goin less’n they gots D’oh-nuts…
    no seriously…thats way too fucked up.
    if I’m gonna burn in hell according to what WBC says….I’m sure I’ll see the whole of that congregation there with me…

    bet ya $5!


    you are a genius in the art of sarcasm. i bow to your magnificent skills. english must be your first language because you handle it like a master. your description of the “not crazy parts” is so marvelous and your use of “try to disassociated with” is ingenious. can you tell me which school you went to or where you got all your knowledge so i can avoid it like the plague.

    The Matrix: Rebooted



    I wish the thumpers would learn to use bibliographies.


    Why doesn’t anyone picket WBC with hand grenades? I like how they use the paradox “God hates…” in all their signs. Dumb bastards.


    While these particular people are Christians, that is not the problem.

    The problem is that THEY ARE FUCKING MORONS>


    I think it’s endlessly amusing that their zip code starts with “666”.


    Did G4 do a special on MCS, aslo? Where did all these emotionally special teens come from? Amazing.

    2 questions:

    1 – Where did you get the assumption that reboot has the understanding that the belief in your religion is you break a commandment and you die?

    2 – Is it the same place where you got the assumption that you have a better understanding of your invisible non-communicative creator than other followers of your invisible non-communicative creator?


    Lame and lame. The best WBC picket ever, in history, was the funeral of Republican Gerald Ford because sodomy was decriminalized in some state when he was president.

    Honestly, WBC is a few mainly harmless flies buzzing about. What they lack in the sanity they make up for in the epic lulz.

    T G Geko

    I just love how you anti-anti-fag people hate others who hate gays. Yea, you guys sure showed us, instead of hating, we should hate instead. Thanks for the great example.


    It’s still my belief that a person shouldn’t feel happy at the death of any other person. That being said, I wouldn’t CRY if these Westboro Baptist Church people were to DIAF.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Can’t there be an addendum tacked onto the whole freedom of speech thing to the effect of something like: unless you’re a fucking retard.
    I can say with0ut any doubt in my mind that if my kid were an actor and he was in a movie about gay men and then years later he died and some assholes decided to protest the funeral because of the movie I’d walk square out in front of them and open fire.


    Damn, it’s just a movie. These religious freaks take things too far. The guy is dead. Why is everyone so un-accepting of gays? There are far worse people that everyone should worry about, like criminals, and lyrics of hip-hop that objectify women.

    Seriously. I listen to a lot of hip/hop/rap and I can say that the lyrics combined with a sing-a-long type melody, along with the aid of alcohol/drugs can easily encourage young teens into un-healthy life choices.


    Fred Phelps and that organization started near my hometown, and i am proud to say i have personally peed on at least five of their cars.


    I shook the mans hand in December of 06. Wearing a suit and a tie, the entire time thinking about how I was going to go home and have lots of gay buttsex. Yes, this man is a retard.


    You might as well say “See what awful things Christianity does!!!!1!!one!!” as say “See what awful things the Democratic Party does!!!!!1!!one!!” Fred Phelps is longtime buddies with Al Gore, including being invited to both of his veep swearings-in since he helped run the presidential campaign in Kansas.

    Alec Dalek

    “LordPartyTime” isn’t smart enough to take on reboot directly, so he misrepresents what reboot has typed and then attacks that. But I’m sure most of us see right through that.


    : I envy you.

    I’m surprised that none of these people have been injured. I would be deathly afraid of showing up at a gathering of upset military types waving a sign saying that God killed him because of tolerance. I hope those guys don’t show up at the funeral of anyone I know in the military, because I don’t want to go to jail.

    Alec Dalek

    WBC is a fringe group and not representative of all christians. However, they demonstrate the problems that can be created when people stop thinking and use the teachings of ancient documents instead.
    Think of it this way: if the bible had never been written, would these people be protesting Heath Ledger’s funeral?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I’ve never met e heavily religious person who wasn’t a total fucking knob btw. Ever. Every single one has been a social retard, a half wit, an overly opinionated and mis or uninformed jackass, and for some reason a physically offensive person (big time ugly and or fat).


    Fred Phelps is a friend of Al Gore? “God Hates ManBearPig!” I’m serial!


    I’m Lutheran and a Democrat. I support Obama and legalizing same-sex marriage.

    I hate these idiots that say a person choses to be gay and completely ignore all logic and everything proved by science that says that people are homosexual due to a hormonal imbalance.

    On another note, anyone remember that anti-gay pastor that turned out to be gay and supposedly “exorcised” out of him?

    Alec Dalek

    Magnus has a point. There are plenty of normal people in churches, but religion really attracts the loonies. I had to go to church every week growing up, and I was always astounded by the higher incidence of small minded, low IQ, and disturbed people. You find them everywhere, but religion seems to really draw them in.


    long comment thread is long…


    these people are idiots but what about the ones attacking other for having a religious belief? they’re acting them. “less war w/o religion”, really? just see how people get over football teams or political beliefs, just see how people get over tv shows or batman movies on these boards. the nature of religion is not believing in an invisible being it’s about knowing we don’t control the universe and trying to find answers. wouldn’t you say that’s the goal of science too? “I am a deeply religious nonbeliever. This is a somewhat new kind of religion.” Albert Einstein. tl;dr everyone… Read more »

    Alec Dalek

    , I’m not quite sure I fully understand what you are saying.


    @ paul Answers to questions: 1. Nowhere, really. However, taken into account his multiple other misinterpretations of my personal belief, it is right in line with how he would interpret it. So, if reboot truly followed his line of reasoning and supposition as he has portrayed here, then it would be his logical conclusion. 2. “other Christians try to disassociated with these guys, “Real Christians only believe the not crazy parts of the Bible like the Earth being 6000 years, old, Job riding a dino and that you should hate your whole family (Luke 14:26)” – reboot. I am a… Read more »

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    @ el metal

    Immensely flawed logic there. Dismissing the merit of all argument against religion on the basis of a correlative reaction seen in other areas makes no sense. In doing that you can justify anything. Too broad and religious people are tools.
    The goal of religion is to get more people on your team so you can get untaxable “donations”.
    Maybe not less war w/o religion but much more justified ones that’s for sure.
    Religion for the most part seems to be an excuse for idiotic behavior.


    Holy shit, people. When did this become myconfinedhypocrites.com? Maybe we should start posting pics of the KKK or NAACP. That should make for great leisure reading material. A few of us have been trying to make light of this, and no one seems to just take this like everything else in the world – as a joke.
    I miss myconfinedalba. It beats the bleeding vaginas that have to turn this blog into a point of futility.
    You all are right. These fucks are going to disburse now that you set them straight on this site.
    You’ve been pwned.

    Alec Dalek

    Wow, you really took that hard. Are you okay?


    Rough start to the day.


    you see this is a good example of how baptist churchs take it to far…you want a good resolution to this…everyone should just convert to judaism…quit ya bitchin and startin filing ya taxes!!!

    Alec Dalek

    If you want to be religious, great. Walk off a cliff and go to heaven right away. The rest of us want to have a civilization.


    ouch….well…ill see ya there my nigga

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Sorry, you fail at Set Theory. Other Christians do believe those things and you know it, but that does not mean that every other Christian believes those things and it does not mean that you personally believe those things. I didn’t even imply anything about your specific beliefs, however you have completely jumped to conclusions about my beliefs, hypocrite.


    If you don’t mind giving him the hits, this groups website is:


    About 10 years ago or so, I wanted to make a spoof site called www.godhateschildren.com, by taking all of their piece-of-shit info and substituting the Leviticus quotes with the ones about Bears killing kids.


    i hate these fucking dicks so much