God needs to smite these F**ks

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Westboro Baptist Protestors

God Blew Up The Shuttle
God Hates America
God Hates Fag Enablers

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    Different BS, Same Crap.
    I feel sorry for the kids growing up so mixed up. They’d be better of as CoS’s… J/K !!!


    i hear these guys are going to protest heath ledger’s funeral


    If you see footage of the kids they really don’t know what the hell they’re doing, they’re just being exploited by their lunatic kin.


    High possibility those kids will grow up to be nut jobs just like their parents. Tough call, wipe them off the planet now or wait until later. Sad though, childhood should be innocent and fun, not fueling a radical agenda.


    I heard that, too. I’ve also heard the funeral will be in Australia and everything else is being kept in secret, so good luck to ’em.


    I grew up in Kansas. I’ve met these people. Its not that they are crazy, its that they are uneducated and scared. Assisted Suicide should be mandatory for these people. Children included.


    WTF? Where have I been, since when were Space shuttles anti-religious?

    Ohh… right, they blew up, they were suicide shuttles for Allah.



    Its not that the space shuttle is anti-religious, its the fact that Americans were killed, and the WBC used it to “prove” god hates America because we have gays and whatnot. I really can’t figure out their motives, they just like making the news, thats all.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    If God went all 9/11 on the Tower of Babel, imagine how pissed he is at the Space Shuttle. Once you start to base your life on the insane rantings of desert nomads, anything makes sense.


    How the fuck can you coorelate the physics with religion.
    “I’m gonna throw a rock up in the, ahh it hit me!”
    “Oh, gravity is god’s way of saying he doesn’t like you.”


    it’s so fucking wrong what these people do. this is the reason people hate religion.

    and it sucks, because if you take out all the fucking pricks, religion is a very good thing.

    just take out the assholes.


    God wont smite them because he’s just as real as santa clause and the easter bunny, and if you can’t see that the world is better off without you.


    Poor kids, they’re being conditioned against society to become the US’s future suicide bombers. The parents being uneducated and scared is no excuse for this kind of reactionary behavior and child manipulation. Westboro Baptist is creating a self-fulfilling prophecy by planting the seeds for the next Waco. How sad.


    These people are as much Baptists as Michael Jackson is a responsible adult. No Baptist or Christian organization / association recognizes them as a legitimate church. And most classify them as a cult.

    Their whole goal is to get someone to attack them or prevent them from picketing so that they can sue and make money.



    It just goes to show., ignorance breeds.


    Ladies and Gentelmen….The future leaders of our country.

    we are completely screwwed….


    No, they’re more like the future flippers of my burger.


    Hah, my homeland has a president who used to be the chairwoman of a national gay rights organization. After the election these fuckers were all going to fly here and do some sort of flag burning stunt.

    Too bad they chickened out. Flag burning is illegal here. I would have loved to see the fight between religious yankee freaks and local nationalist skinheads.


    Why is it when I look at that pic, all I see is a genetic train wreck?


    Because apparently God does not hate inbreeding.


    The space shuttle?! WHY?!


    Yea im not even too sure they know what the signs even say. I can just picture: “Mommy, whats a ‘fag’?” “Dont ask questions, just hold the sign and smile for the cameras”


    I’m a Unitarian Universelist ( to long to explain, go look it up on wiki or something) and this picture just makes me laugh, I cant fucking believe what peoples perception of some 2000 year old book has made them do


    lololo, the only thhing funnier than WBC/Osama fundie types are Unitarian Universalists, the half-baked, indecisive Quaker wannabes. My impression:

    “Gosh, I want all the respect associated with Quakers, but without having to believe in anything or do anything or know anything. Essentially I want to be part of an enlightened peace religion without having to put in any effort.”

    Yeah, that does take long to explain. The Quakers should be rolling in their fucking graves.


    I have to wonder where the ACLU stands on this.


    I concur with munche.


    Quakers, they have the best oatmeal. Thanks for making me hungry Caio.

    Alec Dalek

    This is why you shouldn’t be allowed to involve children in religion in any way. Once you turn 18, you can believe anything you want, and might actually be able to decide for yourself.


    : The portion of the book that first specified things about gay marriage is much, much older than 2000 years.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I wonder if anyone has ever been called a fag and thought “you know what? That made me rethink my whole lifestyle and sexual preference! I’m a straight person now.”? Probably not. It probably only serves to aggravate them and in some cases push people to stand up for themselves and come out of the closet. Which really makes these little fuckers enablers.
    Your God hates you.
    That’s pretty much a universal statement though.


    WBC has made the list. JEEVES MAN THE 50 CALS

    beep beep

    I currently live in Kansas and while I am glad that these crazy assholes are no longer picketing everything in site in Kansas, I do wonder why no one has taken them down with a high powered rifle with a scope. What? Do you need a book conservatory or something? Seriously.


    > I heard that, too. I’ve also heard the funeral will be in Australia and everything else is being kept in secret, so good luck to ‘em.

    I assure you mate, if they come here to protest Heath’s funeral they’ll get the living shit kicked out of them, and the cops’ll just stand by and watch…I hope.


    Then I will purchase their plane tickets!!

    Alec Dalek

    What are austrailians going to do? These are the same clowns that think Canada is a dangerous place, and Korea is much much safer:


    Caio: I can see you obviously didn’t bother to look it up.


    Seriously, why does there have to be trolling on every forum in the universe?



    J/k, do know when it was written?


    > What are austrailians going to do?

    We’d kick the shit out of them. Seriously, we’re a lot less tolerant of intolerance down here.


    They should hold his funeral in Tasmania, then we could invite Mark Brandon Chopper Read to meet and greet these protesters.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    In all fairness Canada really isn’t as safe and nice as we tell people. 😉
    Michael Moore lied to you. Big fuckin time.
    If these idiots went to Australia to protest and just vanished my respect for Australia and Australians would skyrocket. And I already think quite highly of you.


    You know you’re an asshole when you use children to do your bidding.

    Seeing things like this just make me sick to my stomach knowing how messed up these kids are/will be. When these kids are teenagers can you just imagine the hate crimes they will commit?

    Kids are waaaaay more likely to physically act out their parents’ hatred.

    I seriously don’t see a good end for these kids.

    Anyone ever read the story “A Good Man is Hard to Find”. Basically a “pious” racist family, with children, go on a trip and everyone gets shot and killed at the end of the story.


    : I’ve forgot more about Unitarian Universalism than you’ll ever know. And I know this: UU is roughly equivalent to punk. It’s probably just teen phase #28350 for most people, and then the next year they’ve forgotten about it and moved onto some other vacant semi-trend. I’ll just wait till you’re bemoaning the plight of vegans or industrial fans or male lesbians next year or some shit.


    fucking up america one kid at a time


    When your done masturbating with self satisfaction over your last message, could I inquire what YOUR religious views are?


    i never knew anyone respected the Quakers, caio.


    True, usually he would go mad at the sight if anything that has the slightest thing to do with religion


    My own religious views are that I’m religious and sympathetic to most religions. I’m raised Catholic and I’m pretty indifferent to secretarian division. But I don’t start a god damned church about it, as I feel that the isms and schism are the root of the fucking problem.

    The way to encourage religious pluralism isn’t to start another fucking sect. That’s like starting a secret police force to make sure no one goes fascist.


    Also, people respect Quakers. Suzan B. Anthony comes to mind. Or the Quakers that freed slaves, Quaker charity work, or howabout the fact that US law exempts Quakers from the draft?


    Not that I condone fascism, or any -ism for that matter. -Ism’s in my opinion are not good. A person should not believe in an -ism, he should believe in himself. I quote John Lennon, “I don’t believe in The Beatles, I just believe in me.” Good point there.


    People corrupt religion, not the other way round.

    and P.S technically, Unitarian Universilism isn’t even a religion, since its possible to ba an atheist have have UU values


    “My own religious views are that I’m religious and sympathetic to most religions”
    lol! sympathetic to most religions?! you act like your trying to be some sort of god


    Or it sounds like he is tolerant of most religions, use a thesaurus.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    , Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism are all religions that are atheist. Atheist in the sense that there may or may not be a god or gods, but that doesn’t matter because you don’t need to worship them.


    By sympathetic, I mean ‘be friendly to’ and ‘try to understand’.

    When my fat ex-girlfriend in high school dragged me to UU meetings all the time, they’d have speakers come in from all kinds of places and lecture about the different religions of the world. Maybe it’s because I’m in the commonwealth that we got lots of Hindis (and Punjabis, who dig it too), but surely a bright, educated UU like yourself has heard of the Hindu concept of all religions being one, and the similie of the mountain.

    Seriously, what kind of boring UU congregation are you in that’s not packed with foreigners and new age chrystal fuckheads?


    Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism worship no deities, or at least no universal beings/higher powers.
    and religion and Atheism only have one definition, all other descriptions are just personal claims or opinions

    Definition of Atheism:1. the doctrine or belief that there is no God.
    2. disbelief in the existence of a supreme being or beings. dictionary.reference.com/browse/Atheism

    Definition of Religion:1. a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, esp. when considered as the creation of a superhuman agency or agencies, usually involving devotional and ritual observances, and often containing a moral code governing the conduct of human affairs. dictionary.reference.com/browse/Religion


    well, I’m very “sympathetic” towards your unfortunate experiences with your fat ex girlfriend and failed attempts to grasp the concept of putting effort into any sort of spirituality.

    and going back to your other failed argument, “UU is roughly equivalent to punk”
    how the hell can something associated with the “free and responsible search for truth and meaning.” and “appreciating and valuing aspects of Islamic, Christian and Jewish spirituality” be any what related to some rejected teenager dying his hair and listening to horrible music you prick?


    “Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism worship no deities, or at least no universal beings/higher powers.”

    I hate to correct reboot, cuz he got mad skills and all, but Confucianism is entirely dominated by the concept of the omnipowerful ‘Tian’ 天 or ‘Tienshen’ 天神 (heaven god)、which is a god in every respect. We get the impression that it does not, because our entire concept of confucianism in the west comes from the Analects, which are only one of many Confucians texts. Even the Analects mention Tian freqently, though.
    Likewise, our knowledge of Buddhism in the west comes from the more philisophical suttas in the Theravada tradition. The more common traditions not only have any number of dharmic-derived Gods within the Buddhist tradition itself, but don’t deny the existance of traditional East Asian gods, who are praised frequently. I think if you buy an introductory textbook on the Pure Land sect – the sect with the most adherents – you’ll find that the philisophical conciets of Buddhism take a backseat to more supernatural beliefs in every respect.

    I believe it was the famous Daoist writer Zhuangzi said something like ‘Some say the Dao is nature, but I think it would be correct to say that Nature follows the Dao.’ I would define a belief system that involves an omnipresent, ineffable force which guides all things in the universe and can only be understood instinctually as religious. Especially considering the heavy monastic system that it’s based on: In Chinese, there’s no word for Daoist, though there are many. There’s only a word for ‘Daoist Monk’.

    There are atheistic religions out there, but the idea that you’ll find them in East Asia is wishful thinking. Some Native American religions were quiet atheistic, but we got rid of em all, didn’t we? Maybe if you’re up for a drive you can find a 90-year old on one of the few reservations that had one of these.


    Rawr, sorry I missed that seccond comment, and as someone who hung out with the punks as a teen, I can say that Punk is more of a grounding factor in the lives of most confused kids than UU is meaningful to most of its followers. I knew a lot of kids from bad backgrounds who would have ended up pretty screwed up if they didn’t get the sense of confidence and independence they got from punk. Yeah, they all got over it, but they came out with a sense of personal worth and responsibility that just wasn’t going to come from their deadbeat parents/economic backgrounds. I’d call punk one of the most positive things in popular culture.

    On the other had, from what I saw of UU, it was mostly some bored affluent people drifting from trendy but vacant belief system to trendy but vacant belief system. UU, at the best, is just another time-waster for an idle class of decadent leaches on society. Go buy a Chrystal or protest Vietnam or something. Same shit different pile.


    Oh, and let us not forget the eight non-drunken daoist immortals, shall we:

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Caio, I don’t want to cross you mad skills either, I was just quickly refuting Rawr saying “technically, Unitarian Universilism[sic] isn’t even a religion, since its possible to ba[sic] an atheist have have[sic] UU values”, which is a clearly false statement.
    I appreciate your clarification, but I still stand by my original statement. One issue is that eastern religions don’t have exclusivity the way that the Abrahamic traditions do. So they can mix and match ancestor worship or Mormonism or whatever. Defining whether the religion is atheist becomes a separate issue from whether the practicer of the religion is atheist.
    Second issue is what qualifies as God. Maybe I’m just arguing semantics, but if something like the Eight immortals are considered gods, then the Catholic saints are also gods. Which does make some historical sense since a lot of the saints represent the incorporation of polytheistic theme and so on.
    OK ,so maybe the discussed eastern religions are not entirely atheistic, but we at least agree that there have been some atheist religions, right? And that UU is a philosophy club for dummies?


    Could some one else one this comment thread please provide a reasonable response that doesn’t involve completely unnecessary/fucktarded elements of Daoism,Catholisism, Morminism,Ancient Chinese Philosophy,Taoism, Confucism or Zhuangzi? Dammit, stick to the subject please?


    there are so many flaws in your argument, I think I’ll just start with the most obvious one.

    An original comparison you made was “UU is roughly equivalent to punk. It’s probably just teen phase #28350 for most people, and then the next year they’ve forgotten about it and moved onto some other vacant semi-trend”
    but then the cocaine kicks in, you completely change your mind and say

    “I knew a lot of kids from bad backgrounds who would have ended up pretty screwed up if they didn’t get the sense of confidence and independence they got from punk.

    If there “roughly the same”, why the hell would you bash one and blatently support the other?


    Strange…last time I checked Fags weren’t a race, religion or anything else? So why is this classed as rascism?

    T.G. Fisher

    And Americans whimper about rag heads brainwashing THEIR kids with hate. Nuke Alabama and the Florida panhandle.

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