Silver Audi

silver audi.jpg (47 KB)

No, not painted silver. MADE of silver

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    Webster Smogpule

    Oh, those guys at Snopes are such bastards!



    Whenever I find pequliar images in the Internets, I ask myself this question: “what would be the most simple explanation to this picture?”


    that someone with more money than u or i could put together has made a shiny metal penis for him/her self.


    $87 per barrel of crude (Bloomberg), any questions?

    Alec Dalek

    Still cost a lot. So basically, these handfull of dicks have all the money in the middle east, but all the poor losers there blame “The West” and the Jews. Riiiight.


    Ockham’s razor says: This is chrome, not silver. Of course, snopes agrees with friar William of Ockham…


    My former car was an Audi A6 and I was active on Audiforums alot. Every-fucking day someone would post a new thread of this “Silver Audi”. I hated that so much. If you buff the shit out of your car, you can make your car look like that as well.


    That’d be a pretty sweet finish… surprised it’s not more readily available to have done.


    Ok here is the real deal on this car. It is not polished metal in any way. How can you polish plastic parts?? (mirrors handles bumpers rockers mouldings etc..) This car has a ton of plastic parts. The car was painted with a Chrome Paint. There is one of a few products out there. Mirra Chrome is one of them which has varying degrees of reflection. Then there is cosmichrome that has almost 100% reflectivity. Which is probably what this was painted with.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    , read the link Webster Smogpule posted. Most of the car is aluminum. Only the plastic parts were enameled.


    is saw on mtv’s Ride my pimp how they painted some dude’s car to look like this, it had something to do with the temperature as it dried.


    trust me I paint cars for a living. This car is not polished. The only thing on the car that may be aluminum would be the hood. The 1/4 panels are definitely steel. No reason to go to the trouble to to polish half of the car and paint the rest, and end up with the same finish. 1/2 of what snopes posts is wrong anyway. If its posted on the net it must be true??