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    How long until they or their next gen is manditory?


    you’ll have a free choice in which wrist it is implanted into.


    Nope. Southpaws are EVUL!

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Rollout will be in phases. 1) Mandatory for criminals, this is already being considered in the UK. Of course they’ll still have the chip after they’ve served their time. 2) Optional implant in children. Optional for the parent, not the children, that is. And of course they’ll still have the implants when they are adults. 3) Optional substitute for credit cards. Lot’s of BS about how easy it is to just wave your hand to make a purchase. 4) By this point 90% of population will already have chip through one of the previous steps. The remaining people will be… Read more »

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Put them in habitual sex offenders.

    I wouldn’t dismiss them due to irrational paranoia.


    Keep in mind RFID chips this size have no power source, so they have a very limited range (couple feet at most)… people seem to think that with one of these the government can track your every more from space or something. Not that it doesnt still pose a huge privacy threat…


    Seriously people, the government already has cameras in your house. RFID will just let them track which camera to use better.


    I’m in ur body, trackin ur movementz


    That way, when you voice your opinion “they” can say STFU and freeze your accounts.

    Hey jason, never underestimate government conspiracy. Even if you were on the development team you still wouldn’t know how powerful this little thing is.


    If someone with one of those bites you, you get one and then you start to vote for Richard Nixon, even if he’s not actually running in the election.


    wow, technology is so advanced….. but yet some how Heath Ledger’s autopsy came as inconclusive….?????


    oh that is just wrong…


    I hate thinking about things like this. It always gets me thinking that if I was to put a camera somewhere, someone has already planted one before me and knows about it.


    You know how this is gonna go down in “teh Real world” tho: Expensive, premium RFID chips made here in the US of A will be powerful, capable of spying on you, your dog, and your brother (and his dog) all at once, and be the size of a grain of sand, BUT no one will ever buy them because the chinese knockoffs will come around and be twice the size and look like a hideous grain of sand, spy on you but report back in stilted engrish, and in the end, they’ll probably have a failure rate that bests… Read more »


    “If your HMO had a record of your nutritional health profile, they could use that info to raise your rates…” – From the 1st link of natedog

    I lol’d

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    “If your HMO had a record of your nutritional health profile, they could use that info to raise your rates…”
    Call me paranoid, but I think that’s what those grocery club cards will be used for. Just like insurance raises your rates if you are a smoker, they’ll raise your rates if you don’t eat enough vegetables (or whatever). But the real trick will be that when you try to make a claim, they’ll look up your grocery buying patterns and deny your claim based on “undisclosed health risks”.


    Yeah, should be able to remove/blow the chips – but along the lines of my first comment, when this becomes mandatory, doing so will only insure that you starve. I think that these (or similar) are going to replace cash (paper and coin money) someday. I say fewer than 30 years for it to be mandatory.
    Could be wrong about that. *shrug*