StumbledUpon – Just one more click before you go to sleep


I have to say, stumbleupon has been very nice to MCS. So keep on stumbling!

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    Exactly what’s happening to me right now.


    Thats how i found it


    arrrgh! once again I posted this like 4 mins ago!

    tiki god

    You didn’t submit it to MCS, cause it’s not in line to get aproved


    i took me a couple of mins to get it, and yeah it’s great that’s how i found mcs, and this is the pic that brought me here


    yaay krokus album artt


    I love stubleupon, and I love this image because I found it MCS, but normally this kind of crap pisses me off: All you have to do is make an image which somehow is about stubling and all the stumblers go ‘oh! Oh my god its like me it’s the closest thing I have to identifying with a fellow human being’ and gives it a thumbs up. Frankly they’re becoming spam. Pretty soon stubling will just be finding a bunch of images about stumbling itself. That’s a fucking metastumble and fuck that.


    I used to use this all the time. I remember this one tool that would show you all the sites that linked to a site and vice-versa. That’s when I deleted my myspace.