Fully Armed Jet Fighter


Fighter Jet Upskirt!

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    F/A-18 about to make some shit go down


    Greatest fighter jet ever.


    You must be kidding. That POS is a compromise from tip to tail. For instance, every seen one with out at least one external fuel tank? Jack-of-all-trades, Master-of-NONE. In that config, it MIGHT have a hundred mile operation radius.. and that is with IFR. Which BTW, is about 400 miles inside any modern anti-carrier missile’s range. This thing can barely defend itself, much less a battle group. Good thing it is carrying 10 AMRAAMs though, since each Backfire/Blackjack/Bear will be carrying about 20 of said anti-carrier missiles. And at Mach 3, the Hornet might get off 3 AMRAAMs in the best of ATA geometries.


    When does it start transforming?


    ….Stolid, shutta your face!!

    And yes i have seen one without even one external fuel tank…ITS RIGHT ABOVE THIS POST!!! BWAHAHAHAHA. Idiot.

    Its a good fighter for its time, unfortunately Block 3 will be the last real upgrade for it i suspect as everyone moves onto either the F-22 or F-35.


    You stupid fuck! Look at the center-line!! You are the idiot.

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