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    In the trailer they show guys with mig welders, why is it not being constructed in space?


    With JJ directing don’t expect a clear or definitive answer any time soon.

    I have a horrible feeling the Star Trek franchise is about to experience the “Schumacher Effect”. Maybe Christian Bale can revive this series too.


    JJ is about as one dimensional as M. Night or Michael Bay. Ill see it for the CG, and stick to the older shit for decent story or acting. (using the word acting very, very losely… KAHHNNNN!!)



    I’m a little sad to admit that I knew the answer to your question off the top of my head but here goes:
    The dedication plaque of the enterprise stated that the ship was constructed at the San Francisco shipyard which, last time I checked, was not in space.

    here’s a source to confirm my absurd amount of nerd knowledge:

    tiki god


    I was thinking the same thing, but the San Francisco shipyard, IMHO was just a geo stationary space yard that was above San Fran, and had ground support from there. Why build it on the ground?

    And why use people to weld shit? Don’t they have industrial robots by that time?

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    “And why use people to weld shit? Don’t they have industrial robots by that time?”
    Because part of the fantasy of Star Trek is that humans will still be relevant in 300 years.


    if i recall correctly, the earth orbital shipyard is called McKinley station which is different from the San Fran yards. As for why build it on the ground? Why not? The first enterprise could operate in the atmosphere (as seen in “Tomorrow is Yesterday”). These days we only consider building deep space vehicles in orbit because it’s not practical to launch something that big into orbit with rockets. Finding energy to get the thing into orbit isn’t really an issue since you’re using fusion reactors not rockets.
    I’m not sure why they are using people to weld it but consider that this movie is roughly 100 years before “The Next Generation” and 100 years after “Enterprise” which took place roughly 30 years after World War 3 which left most of the world destroyed. They really might not have robots that can do the job.

    tiki god

    Yeah, I never really liked the whole WW3 angle that they threw in there. Kinda kills the whole reality of it to me sadly.


    As to the whole using humans instead of machines, my thoughts are that the Federation is a pretty socialist regime and want to have people employed. What better way to employ people than have them make an incredibly large ship on the ground/water. That should easily waste a lot of people’s time!


    McKinley station was a research/observatory station, not construction.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Thank god we have garbledxmission around to correct the mistakes about Star Trek.


    Actually, McKinley was a repair station. The Enterprise-D was repaired there following the Borg battle, and Picard was flown there on a shuttle by Yar to become commander of it.


    And thank god we have reboot to correct EVERY OTHER error/comment/opinion to the Nth degree at MCS till nobody gives a shit anymore.

    God forbid!!!! I watched an episode of Enterprise where they mentioned it once and remembered a comment someone on the show made about the station….and remembered it years later! What a horrible thing that I have a memory beyond that of a housecat and am able to use it for anything besides science or being a colossal douchebag know it all.


    . I guess that must have been the second one to bear the name, as the one in the Enterprise series was destroyed, if I remember correctly. I never got into STNG that much.


    . The research station destroyed in Enterprise by the Xindi was called Yosemite 3. Earth Station McKinley was used to repair the Enterprise-D and was the launch facility for USS Voyager, according to the Dedication Plaque. Always good to whip out trivia and show how big it is. Wait…

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