Machete Movie Poster



Shit, I’m going to see this when it comes out.

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    Awesome. If a movie has Danny Trejo, you can bet there will copious amounts of violence. Count me in.


    The ‘preview’ was in Grindhouse. And IT WAS AWESOME!


    I still can’t believe this is a character from the Spy Kids series, of all things. Have to see it. The preview was indeed awesome.


    Actually Danny Trejo is a rather prolific actor. Spy kids was actually atypical of the role he usually plays. His forte seems to be lesser really, really, mean bad guys.

    AFAIK, don’t think he’s done any leading roles, but he’s actually a good actor, so I’m actually looking forward to seeing him in this.

    I do find it funny that the movie is called Machete, that was also the name of his invention company in Spy Kids…


    I could be wrong, but I’m almost POSITIVE that the back of the DVD case for Planet Terror says that the Machete preview is a spoof, which leads me, at least, to believe that Machete isn’t going to be a real movie. If that’s the case, SHAME SHAME SHAME, because it looks like it would be AWESOME….


    this looks sweet pity about above post if that is true. this will be the second time i have been crushedby internet falsehoods. im going to go sit in a corner with my angst and write poetry. DAM U INTERNETS


    Damn, the preview that was in Grindhouse was so over the top that I thought it was a bloody joke!

    Wikipedia and IMDB seem to indicate that although it originated as a spoof, it is now being made into a feature length film. What do they know…


    It is. At least that was the word two or three months ago from whatever production company.


    I really hope they make this one…


    “My machete won’t miss” hehe