Wouldn’t the French have been used to losing?

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We French workers warn you… defeat means slavery, starvation, death

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    Not that I particularly like the French, but during the Napoleonic wars and before they had an awesome battle record.


    French Military History

    Short version, The only time they win is when they are led by a Corsican (Napolean) or a Woman who hears voices in her head (Joan of Arc)

    Alec Dalek

    Don’t forget surrender! Actually, the French have always had a strong military, but they have gone through periods of pacifism, and their corrupt government sold them out in WWII.


    Good thing tough. The germans already were sending the french soldiers home because they lacked room and supply for prisoners.


    As a historian, the first primary source I hit is Albino Blacksheep. However, I am slightly dissapointed that such great and venerable scholars somehow overlooked the colonial wars, and virtually every war before the Napoleonic. I mean the Frech, for most of their history, were surrounded to three sides by agressive world powers, and still managed to survive and run an overseas Empire on five continents: That only happens by winning wars. I can’t see any reason why the US (surrounded by Canada and Mexico and almost Greenland, lost in Vietnam, lost in Nicoragua, lost in North Africa, fucked up… Read more »


    cheese eating surrender monkeys


    The French have a truly awesome thousand-year record of military achievement. Which is something most bitch-ass, mass-murdering, pussy fart Americans will never bother to understand.
    And in modern times, they have decided to try to be a little more reasonable than their bloodthirsty ancestors. Another thing that you corn eating bitch monkeys will never understand.


    The US lost in Vietnam because the Government pulled out, and the troops were drafted.

    No clue what being surrounded by Canada or Mexico (and almost Greenland?) has to do with anything, but, considering Mexico IS invading (with civilians), I guess you have a point. No clue about Nicoragua (or Nicaragua), or North Africa (is that where Patton stomped on Rommel? I saw a movie about that) and Afganestan (Afghanistan?) isn’t losing, same with Iraq. Read something more than www.moveon.org or whatever Democratic “shit on the military/Bush administration” site’s you frequent.