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Now that’s what I call a concert hall!


Despite what it signifies, I find the picture most beautiful.


Poor Chetniks! Start the first concentration camp since Hitler, and any number of shady rape camps full of 10-year olds, and you lose your fucking library. Oh, well, no one said life was fair.


Do your research before you post any comments. It is very disrespectful to anyone that has lived through this war. Which is basically what this picture represents. I guess I shouldn’t expect much from people that have not lived through something as grueling as a war. Any war that is. This man played in the Sarajevo Opera and during the war he came to one spot in the middle of the city to play his cello. In the beginning of the war in 1992 he played his cello for 22 days to honor the 22 people that had been killed… Read more »