Fritz The Cat


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    30 years ago it may have been hot, but even in the early 80’s when I saw it was terrible. It was easier to J.O. to Tygra from the Thundercats or MinMay’s quick lil nude scene in Macros the Movie: Summer of 84′. We had to be very resourceful for material back then. There was no hentai back then.


    I thought the tiger from the Thundercats was a guy? Wasn’t Cheetara the woman?


    Well, hindsight is always 20/20. This was a rather ground breaking movie in it’s day… Y’all have just been spoiled by too much high quality Hentai… 😉


    Ah your right EP it was Cheetara,it’d been so long since I had seen it, what was the other that was similar? Silverhawks?


    This was originally a comic done by R. Crumb of Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers fame. He started drawing Fritz when he was a kid. Fritz was never meant to be a sex cartoon. Crumb hated the movie so much he killed off Fritz after the movie was out.


    Silverhawks was awesome. The bad guy rode a space squid.

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