Beer Consumption

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Aboriginals consume vast amounts of alcohol in the outback.

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    1. TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca says:

      Ah the graceful native peoples of Australia.
      They make Native Americans look like aristocrats by comparison.

    2. neekbunny says:

      God I love my country, the Aborigines seen here are much different to the ones we have in the city. The ones we have in Brisbane like to frequent Musgrave Park, you can tell the Musgrave Park Aborigines by their distinctive silver lips, they achieve this by huffing silver spray paint. Although there is a similarity between the pictured Aborigines and the ones in Musgrave Park and that is their camp.

    3. Q-delta says:

      Fucking boongs… all they do is drink fucking VB and sniff petrol… spending MY fucking tax money! … if they’d do something with their miserable lives, I honestly wouldn’t mind the government raping my wallet, but these sorry assholes just want to get pissed…

      Australia: The Lucky Country!

    4. Xp says:

      Racist pigs like you piss me off. I know a lot of people who are of native descent, one of my best friends is, and they are nothing like this. There may be problems in the northern communities, but there are problems with the white people living there too. Stop living in the past.

    5. neekbunny says:

      @XP I am not a racist, my great grandmother is an Aborigine and it shows in my skin[2 generations of whities and I still got a big flat nose, curly hair and dark skin] I accept that there are plenty of hard working Aborigines, but I also know how hard it is when you got your “brothers” or “cousins” [see picture] spoiling your good name by being the same colour as you that have no pride in theselves. I would not consider myself to be part of the Aboriginal community as I am not accepted as I am a halfcast, but its easy for whitey to lump me into the same group as they would your traditional drunken abbo.

    6. neekbunny says:

      sorry bout the double post but I just wish to say that identify with no racial groups, although I am damn proud to be Australian

    7. xaldinlancer says:

      so THATS wat a corrobooree is like these days….

    8. TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca says:

      Sorry XP but the only thing living in the past in this thread is your race card.
      Being observant does not a racist make. And .00002 % of the population being in some way productive does not excuse the remaining percentage who are utterly useless.

    9. Snow says:

      man that is really a huge problem in NT and such. Qdelta that isnt cool… ever

    10. bajizzle says:

      neekbunny – just because you are half-caste or less, doesn’t mean you would not be accepted into the community, it is likely a family thing for you in particular.
      I am technically about an eighth aboriginal, and white as hell, but my family is aboriginal (varying between the blackest of black and the whitest of white), I consider it to be my nationality, and I am considered to be a part of the aboriginal family and community also.
      The drunk scamming bastards you see in the city disgust and embarass me as much as they do anybody else, but people like Q-Delta sicken me even more.

    11. Q-delta says:

      Pfft, suck my dick. The boongs should have been left to themselves. They’re an embarrassment, and I really don’t care what you think. I’m not racist, my girlfriend is half black (not abbo) but aboriginal culture just doesn’t mix with proper Australians. Yes, you heard me, *proper* Australians. Just because they were here first, doesn’t make them a part of us. We are Europeans, as much as you’d like to deny that, it’s true, and we should have never had any association with boongs. It’s not their country any more, we own it now… and I’m not “sorry” in the slightest bit for what my great, great, great, great, great, or whatever, grandfather may or may not have done to them. When you think about how other races around the world are treated, still, the abbos have it pretty damn good, especially considering how much of a minority they are.

    12. nippletwister says:

      Q-delta, why don’t you just move to the American south, where you will fit right in with all the “proper” racist retards we have!
      And of course, your heritage is so glorious, isn’t it?
      Proud to be descended from shrimp-dicked, illiterate, murdering, inbred British criminals-good luck to you, shitbird!
      I have to quit surfing now, the internet is just too stupid today.

    13. Q-delta says:

      Who ever said my heritage was glorious? :s That’s something you’ve concocted, buddy, I’m about the least patriotic person I know…

      If you think we’re all “shrimp-dicked” and “illiterate” you’re more racist than I am… I mean really, I’m not bothered by the colour of the boong’s skin, it’s the way they act that shits me. Once again, spending MY money on beer and paint… It wouldn’t matter what colour they were, they’re an embarrassment none the less.

    14. Chenoan says:

      For those that seem to be bashing people for dissing “black people” it’s alot different here. The Aborigine community is a troubled one, ever since british colonies introduced the more unhealthy pleasures in life the Aborigines abused those pleasures and passed those habits down generation by generation. Though I myself have known many kind and lovely aboriginal people the majority have even left the most hardworking of thier race subject to dislike, fear of and an all round bad reputation from their piers and the government have attempted to rectify all the passed wrong doings towards the aborigines, even though that much of the racism and bad treatment was many generations ago, through giving them higher pensions, healthcare, free or very cheap admittance to schools as well as incredibly unfair and automatic scholarships to universities (Which I myself held some contempt towards at one point due to the pretty much automatic scholarship for and Australian university of any aborigine that has completed Highschool…). Australia has even recently offered an official apology to aborigines for their passed treatment.
      At any rate, pictures like this depict just how the aborigine community spend their more than just living expenses pensions instead of using it to better improve the lives of themselves and their children or get a better job or education and the government can’t just withdraw the pension else there would be an uproar of “racism” and hate. My mother is a single mother and has a very strong resemblence to an aborigine, when seeking aid from the government to find housing for herself and her five children she was given a form that would place her in a 6 bedroom house near schools and shopping centres in a rich area, though when they noticed that she didn’t the the “Aboriginal or torress straight Islander” box they withdrew their offer and placed her in a refuge with seven other families where she and us kids were given one room (no larger than an average master bedroom) to share between all of us. All I can say is that Aborigine’s take advantage of the systems generosity and the government allows it because they have no choice.

    15. Rotatebilly says:

      It’s a national shame, it kills me inside every time I see shit like this

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