In russia trix are for everybody

trix russia.jpg (138 KB)

silly rabbit, in russia trix are for everybody!
stupid commies

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    Shouldn’t it be “in soviet russia kids are for trix?” with a box of cereal eating some douches?


    So, by what reasoning are communists stupid, exactly?


    ^Ronald Regan’s, who is the unquestionable authority on all things anti-communist.


    they are stupid in believing that the people are going to bust their back at the job assigned to them by the government for a salary that doesnt provide them enough capital to profit. All the while when upper government officials live in opulence.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    yeah, njch412, not like the good old USA.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I’m confused. Am I supposed to hate people because of their spiritual beliefs or their political ones?
    Which one can I judge someone more for?
    In Soviet Russia people are just like you.
    btw: the view is pretty nice from up on this high horse on the ol’morality highway. Now I know why you asshat judgemental left wingers always pull this kind of shit.
    HEY! Can’t we all get along? Respect the whales for they are our future and stop hunting the children!


    1) we hate everybody
    2)Left-Wingers ARE communists, so your comments don’t apply to us, and I don’t know what the fuck your last comment is supposed to be about.


    I fucking lol’d at the post

    /me <3’s political jokes

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