Female Attractiveness

FemaleAttractiveness.JPG (21 KB)

Sexual attractiveness of a Female Throughout her Lifespan*

*Does not apply to fatties

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    heh, i like the little spike at the end for Funeral


    yea its almost as high up as pre-teen 😛


    so true though, when i was growing up i notice lots of hot girls who was my age.
    after we all reach our mid 20s, they dont look as hot anymore


    how does this only apply to women, exactly?

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    , Most characteristics that are considered “attractive” are actually indicators of fertility. Fertility in women peaks in the late teen age years, drops off in mid-life and disappears altogether at 45 to 55 years old. Men are more or less fertile throughout their lives. Its not discrimination, its not sexism, its just biology. Except for the funeral part, that’s just ew.


    , True, men are fertile throughout their lives, but certain congenital risks are greater if the father is past 30 or more.

    Doesn’t apply, eh?