Spice Girls Reunion Photo




Golden Girls!     Spice Girls!

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    *shakes head* omg……
    they looked so much better in the 90’s


    Is it just me or is Sporty cold?


    ginger’s tits are memorizing.


    uhhhh i mean mezmorising or something


    you can just about see baby spice’s cooter.

    Luke Magnifico

    All of them except the on on the left look like they want to kill and/or eat me.

    Yes, Sporty is cold. Cold or AROUSED. *cough*lesbian*cough*

    Ginger’s breasts hypnotize me. She’s like a Gorgon. But with boobs instead of eyes, or something.

    Posh married David Beckham. There is no intelligence in this coupling.

    You can see the last one’s vagina on full view.

    I’m afraid I’d only hit Scary.


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    I’m not entirely sure on this, but, here goes: Maybe if she hadn’t done Eddie, maybe if her boobs were bigger, maybe if she wasn’t who she is, probably because I really like big boobs (they’re really comfortable), maybe if her face didn’t look jacked. She had sex with Eddie Murphy. I guess nippage makes up for no rack, and she’s cute and trying to look innocent though she’s obviously not. Is that Victoria Beckham? She looks different. The striped pattern on that shirt make those huge boobs look out of order. Her face looks jacked and she’s wearing pajamas,… Read more »

    Alec Dalek

    I forget. Which one of them is straight?


    Id hit that in this order
    1 Posh
    2 Ginger (i think thats he name
    3 Scary
    3 Sporty
    5 Baby
    im not gay, my sister loved em
    thats how i know all their names

    is it just me or did baby get uglier?


    I want to see baby spice’s cooter! 🙂


    It truly frightens me how many of you know the names of all the Spice Girls.

    beep beep

    Knowing their “spice” name is nothing. I would be shocked if someone here knew their REAL names.

    Luke Magnifico

    Well there’s 2 Mels. And…..there might be another Mel? Maybe they’re all called Mel.


    I hate that I’m the guy that knows this, but…

    That’s not the reunion pic – it’s an old one. You can tell by things like hair-styles and, frankly, they all look a bit older now, but the biggest key?

    Mel C (Sporty) got a tattoo on her belly around the time of their second CD – the word “ANGEL”, which, as you can clearly see in this photo, is missing.

    I hate that I know this… Hi Russ!


    Also, the reason I didn’t recognize Victoria Beckham is because she does not yet look like she’s made of plastic. I knew something was off her.

    She looks like a freaking monkey now:
    A monkey who’s constantly pushing up her stupid boobs, which also looks retarded along with her retarded plastic face.