Desert Survival Bus



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    T G Geko

    Because everything’s better with rockets on it!


    This film and Star Wars were meant to be the two sci-fi films released by Fox. Ironically, this was meant to be the blockbuster and Star Wars was the b-movie.


    The wheel design was quite cool, it allows the vehicle to climb/drive over obstacles. It was also used by some of the battle-bot designs for fighting robots.

    I miss that show: BattleBots, and it’s british cousin, Robot Wars.


    I saw this when I was like 8 years old… I thought it was the coolest thing I had ever seen! Although the cockroaches freaked me out… BIG TIME!


    Indeed, the Landmaster was a cool machine. An armored, amphibious, articulated van/ATV, armed with machine guns and rockets…

    When we finally blow it all up, that’s what I’ll be driving…

    Luke Magnifico

    I’ll be driving a Pinzgauer.

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