I am Legend Movie Stills


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    Meh. Shallow movie. Could’ve gone deeper with the philosophical implications. Good for an idle afternoon though.


    What the fucking fuck you cocklicker? If I wanted philosophy I would read a book. When I want a good time to rest after fucking thinking all fucking day and then thinking in my free time I want a good action movie. People who think action movies are a substitute for intellectual activity generally live with their moms. A working man needs some dumbfuck entertainment sometimes so fuck you man. I think eight hours a day plus overtime, then I think when I spend most of my free time learning my country’s language, then I think when I read, then… Read more »


    yea… it was ok at best… not worth pay theatre premiums for… good rental… maybe… really sucks what happenes to the dog…


    was it the best movie of all time no but it certainly wasnt the worst


    I agree, movie felt too shallow for what it was about.


    Nah, I think they did a “bang up job” on this movie. No doubt it would of been better if they increased plot and gave us a 5+hour movie,

    Felt like they rushed after the climax.


    it was a pretty good movie though. was worth watching.


    but the CGI zombies/infected were laughable at best… not scary at all… the alpha zombie with his watermelon head looked like he had downs syndrome…

    True… not the worst movie of all time… and with a little more to it.. it could have definitely been a great one! Anyone else looking for Will Smith to redeem himself in his new flick comin up this summer??

    Rune 101

    Book Was Far Better. But It Usually Is When it Comes To Adaptations.


    I liked this movie. I don’t think it was particularly shallow. I think it would have been hard to fully explore all of the deep philosophical subtexts without it becoming boring and really, really long…


    Hancock looks good, his next summer movie.

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