Prodigy Online Log In Screen


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    Always enjoyed Prodigy… The bulletin boards, chat, and it was ESPN’s intro on the interwebs. Really good stuff! Thanks for posting tiki god!


    I freaking loved Prodigy when I was like six. Haha!


    Fuck, I miss the 90s.

    I remember booting into MS-DOS just to play Raptor or Doom. Ah, those were the days.


    Yes! I remember playing Doom at work when it first came out! Man that was a blast!


    Too young, Thank God!


    HOLY SHIT I almost forgot about RAPTOR! FUCK!

    I fucking loved that game. There was a time when all I would do is play Raptor. I would play Raptor for hours and hours. What a fucking game! What a fucking game!

    I miss DOS sometimes. I remember formatting this guys computer that I hated. Haha. Good times.


    I kno doom, but what’s raptor?
    I enjoyed Oregon trail and vectorman 2. (yes it was for the pc too)
    I’m young too…:/

    T G Geko

    too young. closest thing to DOS was this apple comp at school that played Oregon Trail. so much fun


    Well, the Raptor I remember was a top down airplane shooter ala Galaga, but with cool jets and helicopters and some of the best powerups for the genre. It was the first game of that type that I remember that had huge giant weird bosses.

    My favorite was the turtle robot tank thing.

    Raptor: Call of the Shadows


    Speaking of DOS, does anyone remember the quest for more conventional memory (so you could play your favorite DOS game? Ah the days of hunting TSRs to disable or going through the autoexec.bat or config.sys file to free more conventional memory.

    I also remember when QEMM came out and how cool it was.

    Sigh, good times!



    Can you believe when i was packing I found that i still have it?


    Oregon trail ftw!



    wait FUCK

    beep beep

    I had Sid Meyer’s Civilization for DOS!


    Numbersix –

    hilarious… I actually found two prodigy 3.2 dos disks, and one prodigy for windows disk. Now I wish I hadn’t thrown all of that stuff out!


    LOL The 90s rocked… And I think i wasted most of it… LOL I do rememebr Qemm, and EMM386, having like 5 different boot configurations. And spending hours and hours fine tuning the one for my games… Ne1 remember the original Wolfenstien 3D… ? 🙂


    Wow, that was a nerdtastic nostalgiorgy.


    Hilarious… I have to say the games were so much better in the 90’s… Quake beat all of the games today in terms of overall game play and doom… well, doom was the shit! Prodigy rocked, anyone who was a member knows how much fun it was. I played BBM through Prodigy from ’93 to ’97… Wow, it was so much fun!


    Oh and I still remember my login ID, xccx23a


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