Final Fastasy X Wallpaper


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    that was a cool game.

    For some reason every FF game falls short of FFVII.


    that’s because that game is the best game ever made.


    FF IX wasn’t too bad though.


    FFIX was the worst FF ever made period! No discussion needed for that one.


    X was alrite, i didnt mind it. but none come close to how great VII was.


    i really dont understand why IX gets so much hate, it was an amazing game, bringing back a true looking black mage, a dragoon, plus all the secrets

    and the card game that was actually fun

    VII was cool just because it brought FF into 3D, which i can respect immensely


    IX was awesome. I loved the black mages.


    IX was…cute. A little too cute for the serious storyline, but it had a certain appeal.


    The only one of the series that let me down was VIII – too ‘human’ oriented, and the fact that it was released 18 months later in the UK than the US. Story was great though. Just need them remade in HD.


    Yeah… I think IX was better than VIII in so many ways…

    IX may not be the best, buts its my favourite just behind VI


    thats all i have to say to you ff8 haters.

    waste your life watching the history of square soft
    the creator of final fantasy liked nine the best


    FFVIII sucked, sorry. Stupid, one-dimensional, totally uninteresting characters, utterly inane storyline, terrible battles, and BORING. Oh god, was it boring. FFIX was pretty cool, except for the random battles. I couldn’t play it past the first disc cuz I just couldn’t deal with the random battles. I couldn’t GET anywhere cuz every 2 seconds I’d have to do another 3-minute battle! If I had a Game Shark and could turn off the random encounters then I’d probably really like it. FFX was kind of like FFVIII light… not as boring, not as stupid, not as one-dimensional, but still not good.… Read more »


    ok FFVIII did NOT suck i agree it had somewhat of a boring feel to it but it was still a great game from start to finish and let me quickly say that Omega Weapon in Ultimicia’s castle is fucking impossible once he uses Terra Break….GOODBYE FFIX kicked ass, yes a bit childish, but thats how the series started it was always a bit old-school 4 person party system was cool and the card game and secrets left for a REAL long game in the end as for FFX, i couldnt have asked for a greater game the graphics were… Read more »


    FFXII kicks ass so far. I think I’ll go play it.

    tiki god

    Are you talking about FF12 or FFX2?

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