hancock movie poster

hancock-poster.jpg (75 KB)

new super hero movie with will smith. hes a grumpy homeless man. no joke.

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    The preview for this looked pretty interesting. They seem to portray it with some amount of realism. In the way that his super powers are destroying the environment while he destroys the bad guys, and the people are NOT happy about THAT.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    The effects in the preview look awesome, I wish there were more superhero movies which looked that realistic (I’m looking at you, Superman Returns).
    OTOH, its supposed to be a comedy and there’s not much funny in the preview, so that’s a bad sign.


    I dunno. Maybe I’m delusional or just twisted but I thought the preview was funny.


    if i could kick that much ass, i surely wouldnt be sleeping on a bench.

    i mean, all that cool shit he can do would prolly help get him laid at least.


    Yeah, but maybe he’s a hopeless alcoholic or something. I don’t know.

    I just hope he doesn’t carry a kid around with him and get a job downtown. That’s not superheroey.