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The last great Batman Movie?

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    This movie was not great, it sucked hardcore. And the last great one was Begins you noob 🙁


    Begins is a pile of batpoop.

    Only good Batman movie was Returns.


    hepathos, you are a splooge pot.


    Yeah, this one sucked. Although I hadn’t noticed before what a good cast it has…


    Fuck nuh-uh, ExplodingPotato!

    Begins was almost the worst. It was mainly about Bruce not Goddamn Batman, the plot was weak, the villains were lame-ass, the whole origin was badly written, the Tumbler was ugly as fuck, also the gadgets (well, there was only one, the grapling hook) sucked, Alfred was played the least Alfredy guy imagineable… it was more like a sequel to Batman Forever, only without the lulz.

    And this new Dark Knight is seems to be pretty weak.


    You have no good taste in Batman movies if you liked Batman Forever or Batman and Gayboy…I mean Robin.

    Val Kilmer and George Clooney just suck as Batman.

    By the way, Batman Begins is awesome and the Dark Knight will kick ass.


    nothing beats the original boys
    With Michael Keaton, Jack Nicholson, Kim Basinger

    oh was that shit good or what


    I dont like Forever, but it was still more entertaining then Begins. My favorite is Returns, cuz everybody is crazy there.


    No! No! No!! You are all dumfux!! The greatest Batman movie was 1966’s Batman:The Movie with Adam West and Burt Ward! The villains ROCK!! The Gadgets are Batty!! And the Batmobile is still the GREATEST BATMOBILE EVER!!!!!


    is that the one with the shark repelent? it’s so fucking shitty it makes it the greatest movie evar!.
    people who don’t like begins love campy (crappy) batman, and alfred for the first time doesn’t look like a sissy.