United Nations Flag


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    This reminds me of “Rainbow Six”, and “Star Trek.”


    Reminds me of a flag made before either of them. Huh. Imagine that.

    Luke Magnifico



    Reminds me of a vagina.


    What about Antarctica? How can they be united without Antarctica?


    reminds me of corruption

    Alec Dalek

    Why the hell is North America so damn tiny compared to the other continents? It’s ridiculous.


    The United Nations is the Greatest Fraud in all History. It’s purpose is to Destroy the United States.

    – Congressman John E. Rankin

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    , Antarctica is not a nation; it is a continent. Also it’s a polar projection.

    , It’s a polar projection, so landmasses near the equator are disproportionately large.

    , Congressman Rankin was racist nutjob, not a good argument from authority.

    T G Geko

    Reboot, I salute you as an intelligence superior to the average!


    To be serious though, the United Nations is just a nice little show to make the world think that we cared 50 years ago. The us constitution clearly states that no foreign power or treaty may declare a law pertaining to us citizens that violates the US constitution. Basically, anything theUNwould pass (think about their gun control proposition) would then have to be passed in the legislature and supreme court. Basically its an innefective organization.

    tiki god

    It’s 100% ineffective for domestic policy, you’re right about that!

    Luckily, the issues that the UN usually takes on are international, and not domestic.


    the UN sucks ass on so many levels.

    and the USA should get out of it and Iraq and Afghanistan and the other 130 nations we’re dicking around in right now.

    or at least get the money for it somewhere other than my fucking paycheck.

    thank you, drive through.


    O LAWD…..

    Did reboot take me seriously when I said Antarctica should be featured on the UN Flag?

    Go fix your sarcasm-detector and please join MCS again.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    diabeetus, I don’t think you know what sarcasm is. In no way was your comment sharp, satirical or ironic.
    I grant you that your stupidity, in this case, might have been intentional. But separating your intentional stupid from your accidental stupid is just not worth my effort.

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