Fine Dining

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    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Could we at least have pictures of feces behind a cut. This is more NSFW than a nipple poking through a sweater.

    tiki god

    are you kidding me? where do you work? a toilet paper company?

    Pepto maybe?

    There is no possible way that dog shit is NSFW, you’re out of your mind!

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Case 1: My boss walks by and there is a picture of a Jessica Alba on my computer, he’ll probably ask me to forward him the link. I’m ok as long as my pants are on and my hands are above the desk.

    Case 2: My boss walks by and there is a picture of dogshit and a wine glass, he’s going to think I’m a serious pervert. I’ve got some explaining to do.

    Its not not funny, its kinda gross; this crap is just tasteless.

    tiki god

    seriously, crap by itself is ok. People eating crap and smearing it on themselves…well that’s just not proper.


    Yuck. Do not want!


    What the big bonus CEOs throe to the workers that made them rich.