Buick Grand National

Buick Grand National.jpg (184 KB)

A Turbocharged 6-cylinder American car that doesn’t look like some rice-rocket piece of shit? I’ll take two please.

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    Classic goodness.

    I owned the SRT-4 (2004 Electric Blue)
    That thing kicked major ass, best car I’ve owned so far.

    The ex got it though.



    what are you talking about? that is the epitome (chances are if you owned one of these you’ll have to look “epitome” up) of ugly!

    tiki god

    My grandma had one, you shut your mouth.

    tiki god

    From that angle, it looks like my dad’s old reliant.


    Unfortunately for you my friend, I read books, am educated, and I do indeed know what epitome means.

    Try something harder, like insensate or otiose.

    Sure, it was ugly, who cares? It was fast, and I needed a four-door car big enough for a small family. I could get near 500 miles out of a tank of gas if I “grannied” it and when I was alone, I could tear up some roadways. Third gear was a blast, and the only cars I couldn’t beat were the ones that had LS1 V8s or badass inline sixes (think M3)

    I’m just happy I didn’t get Mopar Stage 3 like I had planned before we went our separate ways.

    Can’t count how many Mustangs I smoked (this was before the latest model, which now is about as fast as the Camaros and Trans-Ams were) With the exception of the supercharged Cobra and Mach 1 of course.

    Do yourself a favor and test drive one, you’ll probably change your mind about the looks just like I did.


    Oh and that applies to the SRT-4, and sorry if you meant the Buick.


    Even if it has achieved a cult status because of the good performance it delivers, it is still ugly.

    For damn, it has a bodywork from Volvo.


    The main character in the NBC show “LIFE” was driving one around for a few episodes until he gave it away to some stupid hot chick at a stoplight.

    It is 100% true though, there was, and still hardly is, anything out there that could beat them in a straight line race. They are also worth a TON of money if you can find one. What is also great about them is that when they were new they were considered cheap!

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