Warthog Formation


I hear these jets handle like a thrown brick, so I’m assuming this took some serious skillz.

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    They handle like a thrown brick, but they hit like a thrown brick too, well if you’re a small dog. The pilot is encased in a titanium cofin.. er cockpit (haha i said cock… and pit) Engines are positioned so to avoid damage, and the whole thing can stall if the front gattling gun is fired long enough. Its what Chuck Noris would fly.


    No. Actually the rigid fixed-wing design offers very good manueverability for a ground-attack plane. And even if they did handle like a brick, they can be shot to hell and back and still limp to the nearest airfield.


    if they weren’t awesome, we wouldn’t still be using em. one badass lookin plane.


    Nope, that’s the F4 that handles like a brick. And Sticky’s right.

    — Tom “Two engines are better than one” Kazanski

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Warthog? Looks more like a big cat, like a puma.


    Or a Chupa-thingy?


    Those GE turbines are surprisingly quiet until they pass you. There’s not a plane equipped with cannons that’s EASY to fly, but these are way easier than the phantoms. these things are practically flying light tanks.


    I heard that they can get 10 feet shot off their wings and still fly home.


    Basically anything is easier to fly than those F-4 Phantoms….