Terrorist Grandma

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    I would put a bullet in this bitch’s forehead vaginal slit ajna chakra thingie.


    it’s sad that when someone sees a picture of an arab with a weapon, they internalize it and feel personally threatened, and then want to act out in violence against some woman’s cooter.

    just because a person holds or uses a weapon does not make them a terrorist.

    i’m not saying she is innocent, but you don’t know the reason she is fighting. some things are worth fighting for. maybe she is protecting her homeland. or grandkids. or brothers. whatever.

    the Soviets fell without a shot in the 80’s, and they had 40,000 nukes pointed right at us. now we got a bunch of irrationally scared and fearful americans worrying day and night about 3rd world countries who don’t even have navies, much less nukes.

    9-11 my ass. you know how many 1000’s of troops have died in afghanistan and iraq since then? not to mention the rights we have lost since then.


    name the rights you have lost, the things you used to to before 9/11, that you can’t now.

    Also, we have lost roughly 5000 troops to death, and I would say ten times that number permanently injured. Now, look back at Vietnam, another war widely opposed in the media, which makes it seem to be widely opposed worldwide, and look at the difference in deaths.

    Thirdly, yes, some things are worth fighting for, however, I see few things worth fighting for that require a wrinkled old woman to wield an RPG.

    Fourthly, seeing that the title of the picture is “Terrorist Grandma” I based my response on that, not really caring whether or not she is truly a radical Islamist.

    Fifthly, seeing as how the Soviets never fired a nuke, yet these 3rd world countries flew planes into buildings and killed innocent people (and if you retort with some 9/11 truthers BS, then I have wasted my time here), we are free to engage in open combat. Also, the fact that other people wish “irrationally scared and fearful americans” to die horrible painful deaths, I think our “irrational fear” is justified, as is our response.

    Lastly, I merely remarked upon it’s resemblance to a woman’s reproductive organs in a playful, Austin Powers vagina neck type way, the rest of it was painfully truthfully meant.

    However, the fact she is wearing white, and her face is uncovered may in fact be her only saving grace.


    The Military Commissions Act of 2006 took away my right of Habeas Corpus. If the president declares me an enemy combatant, i lose my right to a civilian trial, and can be held for years and be tortured.

    just ask Jose Padilla.

    also, look at the FISA laws and the president’s domestic spy programs…


    Oh yeh nate, because the president wants to imprison you and everyone here for no fucking reason. If you walk the line of being associated with terrorists, then you mind as well be one. If you are imprisoned, the truth will win and you should have nothing to fear, because if you truly are innocent, you’ve got the media at your back to inform the whole nation and world of the injustice. Its not like YOURE rights are being infringed upon unfairly, but the rights of dangerous people are being infringed upon unfairly. Whats the lesser of the two evils, your rights being merely insulted, or peoples lives being put at stake?


    Plus, a translation of the headband she is wearing is needed before shes unjustly stereotyped.


    one countries’ terrorist in another countries’ freedom fighter..


    that other country being Iran or Saudi Arabia.


    My entire family grew up in Dictatorships. I spent years dating a girl who grew up in a dictatorship-turned-wartorn dictatorships. I am a historian and I take a special interest in totalitarian States. And might I just say, Slakinator, that you are one of the most ignorant, sheltered, pampered, typical American idiots I have ever met.

    I could write pages on this, but I’ll ask you to do a little of the footwork yourself: Do some research and tell me why Antonio Salazar’s fascist regime was a ‘dictatorship’ and not a free and fair democracy. After all, they had free, unrigged (excpt once) elections, which Salazar’s party won every single time. They had most of the rights and freedoms given to Americans, and even more rights and freedoms given to Canadians. So why were they a dictatorship? Because every fucking person who presented any kind of opposition vanished. How? Because of a little law that looks exactly like how those suspicious clauses in the Military Commissions Act.

    Giving the Administration/Cabinet/Whatever the right to imprision indefinitely without trail has *always* been used as a tool of totalitarianism, with no significant historical exceptions that I’ve been made aware of. What makes any American so genetically unique to think that no member of any future administration will take unfair advantage of this legislation? Do you think you people are somehow above human nature and the entire weight of human history. It was one of the main freedoms the American forefathers fought for *inspite of the fact* that even the Brits considered it oppressive and made it illegal. You modern Americans now have less political freedom than the Brits did on the eve of the revolution.

    Most people are put under the yoke by the threat of the gun or the blade. The Americans have let themselves be yoked by their own ignorance, laziness, and a silly blind faith they put in partisian bickering. For Americans to let this happen to themselves, I can assume the only cause is some kind of rampant whitey birth defect of the type Slaktinor is showing in abundance.


    natedog, you have redeemed (partly anyway) yourself in my eyes.

    schulzbrianr, you’re a retard, but that’s not really new.

    slakinator, pretty please become an hero?

    Caio, I love you.

    T G Geko

    I love how this site is able to go from serious to funny with just one picture

    T G Geko

    Has anyone considered the fact that the Rpg she’s holding might just be photoshoped?


    I’m guessing from context clues that you are either not an American, or do not live in America. So, you can say, and possibly be right, that we have less political freedom, but I can tell you that I do not feel the effect of any of these restrictive laws, so they carry as much weight as an angel’s fart.

    Also, I did not vote for the Military Commissions Act, but I’m pretty sure a lot of politicians read it, and they feel confident that if THEY can get away with it, so could their opponents, but they felt OK passing it, so I feel little threat. The government can go ahead and read every email, IM, comment on MCS, and file on my computer, and I have no fear of being imprisoned, other than if watching lesbian porn is illegal, which it probably is in some states, but so is oral sex, and anal, etc, it’s just rarely, if ever enforced, so it makes little difference if it’s legal or not. How many people do you see being imprisoned because of these illegal wiretaps that are innocent? How many people have been arrested (US citizens) that WERE conducting illegal activity? I guarantee no one in the government makes enough money to make them want to start prosecuting people for no reason (for breaking laws they didn’t break).

    “Padilla was arrested in Chicago on May 8, 2002, and was detained as a material witness until June 9, 2002, when President Bush designated him an illegal enemy combatant and transferred him to a military prison, arguing that he was thereby not entitled to trial in civilian courts.”

    So he was held in prison for one month, before he was transferred to a military prison. He lost his right to a CIVILIAN trial, but “Padilla traveled to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq.” Sounds like normal summer vacation locations…..

    He was hardly tortured either:
    “Padilla’s legal team filed a motion to dismiss the case, alleging that during his imprisonment he has been subjected to torture, including sensory deprivation, sleep deprivation, enforced stress positions and administered with various drugs including possibly LSD and PCP”

    I’ve heard some kids do this for fun, lock themselves in the basement (sleep deprivation) and do drugs (LSD and PCP) and play video games (sensory deprivation), passing out sprawled around a toilet (enforced stress positions).

    Are you kidding me, sensory deprivation and stress positions? What a tough gang banger.

    Also, natedog, why would the president declare you an enemy combatant? Were (or are) you a violent gang member who has been arrested several times? Have you taken trips to questionable countries? have you converted to Islam while in prison and changed your name multiple times?

    Also, I’ve seen several people argue the truthiness of Wikipedia, so you’ve got that going for you.


    hey schulzbrianr,

    you’re just out of touch, bro.

    first of all, he wasn’t just held for one month. he didnt even get a hearing until August 17 of 2007. so he was held prisoner for 5 1/2 years before he got his ‘trial’. he was found guilty on all charges, of course. but what if he had been found innocent?

    and this is america. if someone wants to convert to islam, it’s supposed to be cool. and changing your name is no crime. and taking trips to ‘questionable countries’? what a douchebag thing for you to think.

    i totally agree that Jose Padilla is prolly a scumbag gangbanger. but he was born in Brooklyn. and i dont think you can equate being tortured in a military prison to teenagers pulling a weekender in the old basement with drugs and a playstation.

    the 5th Amendment:

    No person shall be held to answer for any capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury…nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law…

    the 6th Amendment:

    In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district where in the crime shall have been committed…to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation…

    the 8th Amendment:

    Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    schulzbrianr, don’t defend what’s been done to Padilla. If they’ve got so much evidence then they should give him a trial. If they don’t have any evidence, they should let him go. Every single person who is responsible for holding Padilla, from the President to the guards, has broken their oath to defend the constitution.
    And, yeah, those descriptions are torture. One of the tortures that was frequently used on American POWs in Vietnam was standing in a cage that was too narrow to lay down and too short to stand. “Stress positions and sleep deprivation” isn’t so funny anymore, is it?


    reboot ftw

    for teh record i wasn’t trying to play the role of ignorant american caio, nor am i a pompous ass historian either. I fully support Ron Paul, but I was arguing for the other side trying to give perspective.

    and i spelled ONE word wrong, big deal, it was 4am.


    @Slak: I’ve lived four different States for about six years, added up, plus I’ve visited about thirty states. Also, I’m a ten minute drive to the border and I usually do all my shopping there. I might sound contemptuous of Americans, but I really do like the country. I’m not some ignorant Brit pulling some Eurotrashgasm here.

    I’m fully convinced that only a few suspicious people are being harassed by the law right now, and I’m fully convinced that the Bush Administration actually did mean it as a way of preventing terrorism. But it’s the potential of it all, slak.

    You’ve got an election coming up, yeah? All you know about the candidates is meaningless bullshit campaign rhetoric, and there’s virtually no good info to base your decision on. And you definitely do not know what kind of apointees these people are going to pick. I want you to keep in mind here, that this gives the power to a random, unelected apointee to make you vanish.

    Ze Padilla is nothing compared with what could happen. A friend of yours could simply disapear. The cops wouldn’t know. The FBI wouldn’t know. The President himself wouldn’t know (he only appoints). Only an all-powerful commision with no burden to carry out trails or disclose any form of information would know. It hasn’t happened yet, but the very fact that it could happen should make every American piss their pants in fear.

    Things are too good with Americans. You’ve never lived in that kind of society and most Americans only know about it in propaganda. It’s just another silly thing on TV to them. But it’s the most common thing in the world and it could happen in the US just as easily as anywhere else it’s happened. You know, on my father’s side, an aunt and uncle and two cousins just vanished one day in Brazil. No one “knows” what happened, but a few months later their farm, including employees was auctioned by the government. Once the dictatorship ended, we haven’t been able to find anything: Even records that the farm exists before the transfer of deed have vanished. On my mum’s side, most of my Grandfather’s (pre-war landowning politician) family vanished during the Stalin years. Once in a while we’ll get a letter in Polish saying they’ve indentified a skull in a mass grave.

    Now, Slak, it hasn’t happened, but all the mechanisms are in place. Unless this law is gotten rid of before one oppurtunistic, power-hungry psycho comes along, or this COULD easily happen in the US. This is something to be very afraid of.


    It’s scary that my family left Cuba when they could to reach the US and not have the fear that the government can make them disappear in a moments notice for any reason, only to see that this country is slowly but surely ending up with that same fear here in the US. It also astounds me the ignorance of most of the American people. You people have no clue how great your Amendments and Civil Liberties really are and why they are in place, you take them for granted only for some of them to be taken away in a blink of an eye and none of you care enough to raise a ruckus about it. But it seems too late to raise a ruckus about it these days with fear that the government might take care of you if you do.

    Seems as though my family fled one country to gain freedoms only to have those very same freedoms to be taken away later on down the line. Like the saying goes I guess “Out of the frying pan and into the fire”.


    You guys talk too much.


    Words are the primary obstacle to communication. Everyone has got their own idea of what they mean. So many times I have witnessed conflict between people who have the same basic beliefs and life-goals, simply because they could not wrap their minds around the words they were hearing. We humans often get caught up in the details, forgetting what is truly important in our effort to prove our own point of view. People don’t like being wrong, and only want the best for their family, friends, immediate neighbors and country. It’s a fractal web of conceptual priorities, but focus too closely on any one detail and you have an entirely new picture, with it’s own inherent problems. We disagree when we can no longer see other peoples point of view because we are so involved with our own.

    I say all of this because I am a first generation American, my mother immigrated to this country in the seventies from Colombia, she was very fortunate. Until she came to America her life was very hard, she was born in the fifties during a time of brutal civil unrest. My Grandparents had to flee their home and property because bands of bearded men with bloody machetes were roving the mountains pillaging, raping, and murdering all that could not afford to defend themselves. When order was restored they returned home to find that their home was burned, and all the papers that proved their ownership of the land had been stolen. The neighbors claimed the land belonged to them, my Grandfather took my uncle and left my Grandmother and her three daughters destitute.

    I am aware of what can happen in a country where the government is corrupt and unaccountable. But most often this is the result of poor, uneducated, citizenry powerless to change the status quo, manipulated by bloodthirsty warmongers to hold beliefs that serve the good of the elite, while promising a brighter future for the underprivileged. BUT…. here in America the elite live like gods and the underprivileged live like the well to do of third world countries. I don’t deny that the capitalist politics that allow this to be so are most likely immoral. But it is next to impossible to do anything about it. Stop buying cheap shit from China and you shut down a sweatshop, but you also deprive a child of their only source of income.

    It is not the American governments fault that the Communist Chinese government allows for children to work under such conditions. Still I buy overpriced American products, because I am educated and affluent and can afford to support local business. I am also a first generation Latin American who’s mother came to this country with nothing. Hard work, planning, vision, these things lead to success no matter who you are. My cousins in South America tell me that there aren’t as many opportunities where they live. That I take for granted my soft American lifestyle.

    But the strength of my country is the American people, who for all their faults still believe in each other. We look out for each other, sure you might get screwed over now and then, but there is a limit to what an American community will tolerate, and most of us still own guns. There will never be a time when random innocent people disappear en-masse, no matter how many laws you change. When someone disappears in this country people tend to notice and even if the FBI, CIA, ATF, INS, TSA, DHS and any other acronyms you can think of, won’t do anything about it. You can depend on SOMEONE coming to your aid. I don’t see that kind of thing going on when I travel abroad. It’s usually Americans and the odd European and Asian or two risking life and limb to help war torn Nations that refuse to help themselves. The mass of Americans might be dumb and lazy, but that doesn’t make them any less dangerous, because three hundred million hi-tech dip shits is more than a match for any corrupt government.


    Holy Crap, thequietguy, you either found that somewhere and copy/pasted it, or that has got to be the most meaningful post I’ve ever seen here, Very well thought out with no illogical biases.

    You just gained alot of respect from me, and I’m sure from others as well.

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