Terrorist Grandma

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    I would put a bullet in this bitch’s forehead vaginal slit ajna chakra thingie.


    it’s sad that when someone sees a picture of an arab with a weapon, they internalize it and feel personally threatened, and then want to act out in violence against some woman’s cooter. just because a person holds or uses a weapon does not make them a terrorist. i’m not saying she is innocent, but you don’t know the reason she is fighting. some things are worth fighting for. maybe she is protecting her homeland. or grandkids. or brothers. whatever. the Soviets fell without a shot in the 80’s, and they had 40,000 nukes pointed right at us. now we… Read more »


    natedog: name the rights you have lost, the things you used to to before 9/11, that you can’t now. Also, we have lost roughly 5000 troops to death, and I would say ten times that number permanently injured. Now, look back at Vietnam, another war widely opposed in the media, which makes it seem to be widely opposed worldwide, and look at the difference in deaths. Thirdly, yes, some things are worth fighting for, however, I see few things worth fighting for that require a wrinkled old woman to wield an RPG. Fourthly, seeing that the title of the picture… Read more »


    The Military Commissions Act of 2006 took away my right of Habeas Corpus. If the president declares me an enemy combatant, i lose my right to a civilian trial, and can be held for years and be tortured.

    just ask Jose Padilla.

    also, look at the FISA laws and the president’s domestic spy programs…


    Oh yeh nate, because the president wants to imprison you and everyone here for no fucking reason. If you walk the line of being associated with terrorists, then you mind as well be one. If you are imprisoned, the truth will win and you should have nothing to fear, because if you truly are innocent, you’ve got the media at your back to inform the whole nation and world of the injustice. Its not like YOURE rights are being infringed upon unfairly, but the rights of dangerous people are being infringed upon unfairly. Whats the lesser of the two evils,… Read more »


    Plus, a translation of the headband she is wearing is needed before shes unjustly stereotyped.


    one countries’ terrorist in another countries’ freedom fighter..


    that other country being Iran or Saudi Arabia.


    My entire family grew up in Dictatorships. I spent years dating a girl who grew up in a dictatorship-turned-wartorn dictatorships. I am a historian and I take a special interest in totalitarian States. And might I just say, Slakinator, that you are one of the most ignorant, sheltered, pampered, typical American idiots I have ever met. I could write pages on this, but I’ll ask you to do a little of the footwork yourself: Do some research and tell me why Antonio Salazar’s fascist regime was a ‘dictatorship’ and not a free and fair democracy. After all, they had free,… Read more »


    natedog, you have redeemed (partly anyway) yourself in my eyes.

    schulzbrianr, you’re a retard, but that’s not really new.

    slakinator, pretty please become an hero?

    Caio, I love you.

    T G Geko

    I love how this site is able to go from serious to funny with just one picture

    T G Geko

    Has anyone considered the fact that the Rpg she’s holding might just be photoshoped?


    Ciao, I’m guessing from context clues that you are either not an American, or do not live in America. So, you can say, and possibly be right, that we have less political freedom, but I can tell you that I do not feel the effect of any of these restrictive laws, so they carry as much weight as an angel’s fart. Also, I did not vote for the Military Commissions Act, but I’m pretty sure a lot of politicians read it, and they feel confident that if THEY can get away with it, so could their opponents, but they felt… Read more »


    hey schulzbrianr, you’re just out of touch, bro. first of all, he wasn’t just held for one month. he didnt even get a hearing until August 17 of 2007. so he was held prisoner for 5 1/2 years before he got his ‘trial’. he was found guilty on all charges, of course. but what if he had been found innocent? and this is america. if someone wants to convert to islam, it’s supposed to be cool. and changing your name is no crime. and taking trips to ‘questionable countries’? what a douchebag thing for you to think. i totally agree… Read more »

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    schulzbrianr, don’t defend what’s been done to Padilla. If they’ve got so much evidence then they should give him a trial. If they don’t have any evidence, they should let him go. Every single person who is responsible for holding Padilla, from the President to the guards, has broken their oath to defend the constitution. And, yeah, those descriptions are torture. One of the tortures that was frequently used on American POWs in Vietnam was standing in a cage that was too narrow to lay down and too short to stand. “Stress positions and sleep deprivation” isn’t so funny anymore,… Read more »


    reboot ftw

    for teh record i wasn’t trying to play the role of ignorant american caio, nor am i a pompous ass historian either. I fully support Ron Paul, but I was arguing for the other side trying to give perspective.

    and i spelled ONE word wrong, big deal, it was 4am.


    @Slak: I’ve lived four different States for about six years, added up, plus I’ve visited about thirty states. Also, I’m a ten minute drive to the border and I usually do all my shopping there. I might sound contemptuous of Americans, but I really do like the country. I’m not some ignorant Brit pulling some Eurotrashgasm here. I’m fully convinced that only a few suspicious people are being harassed by the law right now, and I’m fully convinced that the Bush Administration actually did mean it as a way of preventing terrorism. But it’s the potential of it all, slak.… Read more »


    It’s scary that my family left Cuba when they could to reach the US and not have the fear that the government can make them disappear in a moments notice for any reason, only to see that this country is slowly but surely ending up with that same fear here in the US. It also astounds me the ignorance of most of the American people. You people have no clue how great your Amendments and Civil Liberties really are and why they are in place, you take them for granted only for some of them to be taken away in… Read more »


    You guys talk too much.


    Words are the primary obstacle to communication. Everyone has got their own idea of what they mean. So many times I have witnessed conflict between people who have the same basic beliefs and life-goals, simply because they could not wrap their minds around the words they were hearing. We humans often get caught up in the details, forgetting what is truly important in our effort to prove our own point of view. People don’t like being wrong, and only want the best for their family, friends, immediate neighbors and country. It’s a fractal web of conceptual priorities, but focus too… Read more »


    Holy Crap, thequietguy, you either found that somewhere and copy/pasted it, or that has got to be the most meaningful post I’ve ever seen here, Very well thought out with no illogical biases.

    You just gained alot of respect from me, and I’m sure from others as well.